The Truth

It's not a story. It's life. It's not made up. It happened. It's what some of us face each day. Yet, we don't talk about it-- This is a place to confess. Maybe this movella won't get that much attention because it's not related to 1D. But there are somethings that I wish to share. Somethings that I bottled up inside. I tried to run away from everything. But you have to stop for a gulp of air, right? I know that there are people who have hidden so much pain that you want to escape it, but you can't. They say, "Talking helps". But who to talk to when you know you can't trust anyone? So, I'll try to help. If you have something to tell, something to share. Comment below. If you're scared and don't want anyone to know, email- or ; we promise you that whatever you tell us will be between us. No one will ever know what we talked. It's okay if you don't trust us. But we never tell other people's secret. That we assure you.


2. From DespicableFriend

One and a half year ago, my boyfriend cheated on me and left me for a senior girl, who happened to be my friend. I was sad. Broken. I couldn’t get over it. So I tried liking someone else. And lucky for me a new guy joined. I didn’t actually notice him at first. At all. Just kept him as a reserve. But then my ex asked me to get back with him, when he was already with someone else. I didn’t know what I was feeling. I said I didn’t want to be with him. When I did. So, I heard another new student (a girl) had a crush on him. I felt angry. How could anyone be happy when I wasn’t? I did something I never imagined I would. I went after that guy. He was cute. Funny. Tall. Every girl at school actually wanted him. So I guess I wanted to show everyone that even if I was dumped, I could still be desired by someone. It was wrong. I became close to the new girl (call her Jo) and feigned disgust over that new guy (call him Bob). I made all of my friends believe that I hated him. To prove it even further, I lied that I had a crush on his cousin. That’s why I talked to Bob. It was a lie I was starting to believe. I got closer to Bob, showing my ex that I didn’t need him. He wasn’t affected. Which made me furious. I asked Bob out on a date and even confessed that I liked him. But I told him to keep it a secret. What I didn’t know was that Bob and Jo were pretty close friends too. Bob knew Jo liked him and Jo’s friends were suspicious of me. Jo’s friends were scary and still are. To pacify Jo’s friends, Bob told Jo that I liked him and to protect me from them. But Jo told everyone. I mean everyone. I was branded as a ‘boyfriend stealer’. But they weren’t together. I kept lying to everyone that I never said anything like that. Ever. I even believed it. I was living a lie. Jo believed me in the end and so did her friends. But her friends didn’t like me anymore. I don’t think they ever liked me. And now they’re together. And I’m actually happy about it. Jo is trying to make me and Bob talk and become friends again. But Bob and I both know that this isn’t possible. Jo is nice. Sweet. Caring. An awesome friend. And I did something so horrible to her. I haven’t told her till now. And I don’t think I ever will. Because if I do, I could lose her. And she could lose him. I just want their happiness now. I feel so much guilt that I can hardly breathe. I was such an idiot back then. And I know that someday she will come across this (perhaps in this month because I shared it in facebook and her friend already saw the link to this page), she’ll know immediately that who I am. If you’re reading this, I’m sorry for doing that to you. I’ve been a horrible friend. There’s a reason why people say that ‘keep your friends close, but enemies closer’. It’s because friends can double cross you and pretend to be nice, when they’re a bitch. But enemies, they always show their true colors. I hope that one day I would actually come to you and ask for your forgiveness. But I’m a coward. Always have been. I’m sorry.


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