The Truth

It's not a story. It's life. It's not made up. It happened. It's what some of us face each day. Yet, we don't talk about it-- This is a place to confess. Maybe this movella won't get that much attention because it's not related to 1D. But there are somethings that I wish to share. Somethings that I bottled up inside. I tried to run away from everything. But you have to stop for a gulp of air, right? I know that there are people who have hidden so much pain that you want to escape it, but you can't. They say, "Talking helps". But who to talk to when you know you can't trust anyone? So, I'll try to help. If you have something to tell, something to share. Comment below. If you're scared and don't want anyone to know, email- or ; we promise you that whatever you tell us will be between us. No one will ever know what we talked. It's okay if you don't trust us. But we never tell other people's secret. That we assure you.


11. Author's Note

I would just like to repeat myself.

This is to inform you that if you are experiencing some problems in life, or want someone to talk, there is a group of three willing to help you.

'The Truth' is more than just a movella. It's a helping group.

It's not like the rest.

You will talk to real life people and will get responses to your problems.

Our talks are secretive and only remains between us.

There is no possibility of 'your talk' with 'your identity' being broadcasted anywhere near you or in the world.

We keep our talks very confidential, to the extent that you can 'choose' who you want to talk to and the rest of the team won't even know what you talked about.

I don't mean to implore you, but it's more of a suggestion. If you want to share your problems or talk or ask for advice, we are there.

Your message to us will be posted only under your consent, anonymously if that is what you desire.

We post so we can encourage other out there who have silenced their voices to come up and talk.
I'm probably blabbering here...

But 'The Truth' is for the people, by the people and of the people.

We wish to help those in need.

So whenever you're ready, contact us. We're an email away.

To contact us directly, here are the emails to choose from-


Thank you for your time.

-The Truth Team
(RockkaRolla and WritingForTheShire)

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