As easy as that

This story is about a girl called Lori, living life tough.
She is in her first year of secondary school and is still figuring out how things work.
With her best friend, Brittany, they try to overcome being bullied and she soon discovers something she thought the unimaginable.


7. Solution

The Head Mistress had to talk to the bullies and Brittany about the problem and ask them what they think happened. They all had their different stories but all of them managed to make me sound wrong. It was me onto the rest. Throughout the meetings I began to sound more stupid by the minute because all of the bullies had linked to one story, saying that I started to bully them and call them names and make things up about them and that they were defending themselves and telling me to back off. The final decision was made. The problem wasn’t going anywhere so we decided the best thing for me was to just move schools.

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