As easy as that

This story is about a girl called Lori, living life tough.
She is in her first year of secondary school and is still figuring out how things work.
With her best friend, Brittany, they try to overcome being bullied and she soon discovers something she thought the unimaginable.


1. Reality

Sometimes they trip you and you fall. When they laugh, you think maybe you had some sort of stupid expression on your face as you fell or maybe someone said something funny that you missed. Sometimes you laugh with them, because after all, someone falling flat on their face is kinda funny, right? But when you realise that you are laughing at something completely different to what you first thought it can be a real slap over the face.


Sometimes I think there would be less bullying if we were all blind. So much bullying, teasing and outright racism comes from not understanding or being comfortable with what we see or feel.

There was a time when I once felt beautiful, like a princess.  I always believed that it’s not what you see on the outside that counts, it’s what you feel on the inside.

I admired the fact that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything in life. Like a baby bird trying to fly for the very first time, it’s just our natural instinct to want to strive.


As years go by you start to experience different understandings of people’s characteristics and start realizing how they work.

In the real world it is extremely hard to find someone that you can  purely trust and sometimes people who we strongly believe is the right person, can turn on you and spit it all back in your face.


Unfortunately I found this out the hard way…


Hi, my name is Lori and this is my story.

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