As easy as that

This story is about a girl called Lori, living life tough.
She is in her first year of secondary school and is still figuring out how things work.
With her best friend, Brittany, they try to overcome being bullied and she soon discovers something she thought the unimaginable.


3. Not just a dream

It was the fourth term and I thought everything was running smoothly. As usual I ran out the front door and met Brittany just down the road to walk to school together. When we reached the school gates everyone started to laugh at me, including Brittany. She walked away from me and joined into the group of girls she never stopped thinking about, talking about me and saying things behind my back.


I was terribly shocked because I had no idea what was going on, realizing that my ‘Best Friend’ had just betrayed me and suddenly I had all of these haters. As each day went passed eventually all of my secrets were revealed. People had started calling me fatty four-eyes and other really mean things and I started to feel that I didn’t like myself anymore. I tried everything, from going on diets to exercising like mad and even starving myself in order to feel happy again. Everything I tried always seemed to fail. By now I hated myself, I hated my life and I just wanted to end it.

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