As easy as that

This story is about a girl called Lori, living life tough.
She is in her first year of secondary school and is still figuring out how things work.
With her best friend, Brittany, they try to overcome being bullied and she soon discovers something she thought the unimaginable.


4. Gravely Ill

I had no friends and I was all alone with no support. I didn’t tell my parents because I felt ashamed as they always told me that I should keep my head held high and to not listen to anyone else. But the only problem was that people had engraved that I was a fatty four-eyes into my head and it was never going to leave me. As much as I wanted to talk about things, I could never build up the courage to talk to anyone about it. I soon became severely ill because I wasn’t eating and I had to spend several weeks in hospital. I had lost 10kg in 3 weeks. Doctors diagnosed me with Bulimia and organized for a counselor and a dietitian to come and speak to me about what was happening. I had several counseling sessions and to my complete surprise she had worked out what is going on in my head without me even having to say it. She told me that I had to tell my parents because it was an extremely serious situation. But I couldn’t, I didn’t know how to. We organized for my parents to come and sit in for a counseling session. They were very shocked about the whole situation and felt really bad that I was managing it on my own. They were a little bit annoyed because I didn’t go to them earlier but at least by now I had complete support.

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