Jade Ray has always been on her own ever since her parents died and she snuck out of the orphanage she was put in when she was 7, now shes 15 and shes still alone. She lives on the streets and sleeps were ever possible and she barely gets thought every day and shes always sick. Her life is hell, but what happens when someone just happens to see her one day?

P.S. I am horrible at writing blurbs. sorryy! Dx


2. Sorry


I woke up feeling like shit which isnt anything new but I decided to get up anyways and face another day. Usually I would just walk around all day and eat food from trash cans when no one was looking but since I found $30 in one of the desk in the shack  I decided to go buy some ice cream. I grabbed my backpack and put it on my shoulders and I slid on my beanie. I also brushed through my hair with the same brush I had when I was seven and I left the shack.  The air was cold outside and all I had on was a torn tank top and some jeans so I was freezing. As I walked around on the street many people starred at me but I didn't care I just kept walking and ignored everyone. When I got to the ice cream shop I ordered some chocolate ice cream and  payed the clerk. As I started to walk out the door I ran into someone. I fell to the ground and I dropped my ice cream. "I'm so sorry love!" The boy said looking down at me and holding out his hand. I took it and I pulled myself up. "It's it's ok I wasn't looking." I said stuttering a bit, I have to admit this boy is gorgeous."No it's not. Wait right here I'm going to buy you a new one." He said and he walked over and ordered two chocolate ice creams. "Thanks." I said giggling and I took one of the ice creams. This boy was really sweet unlike other guys. "So what's your name?" I asked as we walked out of the ice cream shop with our ice cream. "My names Louis." He said with a mouth full of ice cream. I giggled "Well my names Jade." I said "Thats a beautiful name love." He said. "Thanks." I said blushing and looking down.  


There's something different about this girl that i really like, she didn't scream or freak out when she saw me, usually when girls see me they scream and freak out but this girl seems to not even know I'm in the biggest boy band in the world. She's also very beautiful and her brown eyes are just stunning. "So do you maybe wanna hang out with me and my friends today?" I asked her "Sure!" She said smiling. We kept walking until we got to my car and I opened the door for her. "Someone's a gentleman." She smiled getting in. I got into my side and started the car. "So where are we going again?" She asked as we backed out and got onto the highway. "We're going to my house to hang out with my friends remember?" I asked. "Ohh yea." She said laughing. I can't wait for her to meet my friends. 

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