Jade Ray has always been on her own ever since her parents died and she snuck out of the orphanage she was put in when she was 7, now shes 15 and shes still alone. She lives on the streets and sleeps were ever possible and she barely gets thought every day and shes always sick. Her life is hell, but what happens when someone just happens to see her one day?

P.S. I am horrible at writing blurbs. sorryy! Dx


1. Flash Back



I looked down at my feet as i continued to walk and walk searching for a place to stay the night and get out of the rain. I spotted what looked like a shack and I quickly snuck into it. The shack was very old and disgusting so I assumed no one lived here so I sat down on the dusty floor and  layed my backpack next to me. I opened my backpack and pulled out pictures, pictures of me and my family before things fell apart. 



I peeped my head around the corner and watched as my parents fought again. "I can't believe you would cheat on me like that again!" My dad screamed at my mom who was laying on the floor in tears. I always hate when they fight its scares me. "I'm sorry." Is all my mom could say. My dad was so angry I swear his face turned red and with that he quickly pulled out a gun and my heart stopped. He pointed it right at my mom who apparently didn't care and shot her in the head. I just saw my mom die right before my eyes and now her body is lifeless on the floor. I couldn't move, i couldn't even cry. Then when I thought it was already as worst as it could get my dad turned the gun around and shot himself. I didn't know what to do my body was like a stone and I couldn't believe it, they were gone. 

2 WEEKS LATER (still in flashback) 

Im now in an orphanage and everyone hates me even the adults. They barely feed me plus everytime I try to impress people so they will adopt me they deny me and Im sick of it so I'm going to sneak out and live on my own, yes it will be hard considering I'm only seven but its better than staying here. I packed up all my pictures of me and family, memories, and cloths and put them in a plastic bag and hopped out the window into the cold rainy night.



I cried as the memories came flooding back into my head and smiled a bit when I thought about all the good times I had with my parents before my life turned to hell, but I quickly pushed all these thoughts away. I have to get some much needed rest because I haven't slept in three days straight and thinking about this all night surely won't help. I put the pictures back in my backpack, wiped my eyes, and laid on the cold floor using my old jacket as a pillow and I slowly drifted off to sleep. 

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