Life of a EX Eleanor Calder

No one has heard from Emma for over two years. After the biggest misunderstanding of her life, she ran away raising her daughter on her own. But somehow Louis gets in contact with his best mates EX and his daughter. How will Emma react when her daughters famous father shows up? Will sparks fly, or will love burn to a crisp?


7. Chapter 7


~Emma's POV~


"Eleanor, I made some hot coco, if you'd like some." I offered whilst pouring some into Kat's favorite mug. Eleanor smiled and shook her head while walking over to the couch. I really want to know more about that phone call, but I just cant bring myself to ask.

"No thank you, thanks for offering love." She smiled. Kat took a drink of her hot chocolate, and looked at Eleanor.

"Are you mummy's sister?" Katrina asked, cocking her head to the side. Eleanor laughed and looked at my daughter.

"No, but we look a lot a like, don't we?" Eleanor asked Kat. Kat knitted her eyebrows together.

"Well yeah, but Mummy has yellow hair." My daughter said in a serious tone. I looked at Eleanor and we were both trying our hardest not to laugh.

"You're right Kat!" Eleanor explained. "but come here, I have a secret to tell you." She smiled mischievously. Excitedly, Katrina ran over to Eleanor. "Did you know, that your mum used to have my color hair?" Eleanor said, her mouth making an 'o' shape. Kat looked from Eleanor to me, with wide eyes.

"Is that true mamma?"

I shrugged my shoulders, "It's 100 percent true." I smiled. I dyed my hair because it felt like a new start, a new life.

"Can we go to the store and get a movie?" Kat asked excitedly.

"Miss. Eleanor's here right now, we'll get one later, yeah?" I smiled. She pouted her little 2 year old pout, and flopped down on the floor.

"I have to get going anyways." Eleanor smiled and walked to the door. "It was great to see you again, Em." She smiled. Kat ran up to Eleanor and gave her a big hug. I smiled and went up to Eleanor too.

"It was great seeing you El." I smiled. Eleanor smiled and hugged me tightly. We all said our farewells and I grabbed my purse. I drove down the road to the video store. Katrina was in the back seat singing to the radio.

"Okay babe, what movie would you like?" I asked as we walked through the kids area. "And I called daddy. He said that we could come over and watch a movie together." I smiled. Kat's face lit up and she ran down the isle.

"I want this movie mummy!" She said excitedly, pointing at the movie 'Toy Story'.  I smiled and picked it up.

"You know, that's Uncle Liam's favorite movie." I smiled. Her eyes lit up and she started jumping up and down. I paid for the movie and we headed to Louis house.

"Hey Kit Kat!" Louis yelled. Kat giggled and ran into Louis house. "Hey Em." He smiled and kissed me on the cheek. I sat down and cuddled up with Louis.

"She is so much like Liam." He smiled. I chuckled and nodded my head. I took a picture of Kat watching Toy Story and showed it to Louis.

"Post that on Twitter." He laughed. I nodded my head and posted it. The caption said:



@Emmy_Petrova: @Real_Liam_Payne, @Louis_Tomlinson and I were just talking about how she reminds us of you...




Louis got on Twitter and retweeted it. I chuckled and put my head on his shoulder.

"Hey Lou.." I trailed off. He looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

"You can tell me anything." He smiled. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

"I think Eleanor has a daughter." I said fastly. Louis looked down at the floor. I have a feeling that he already knew...








OMG Monster's University was the cutest movie I have ever seen xD Thank you all for waiting so patiently for this chapter!! I love you all so much!!




150 likes and I'll post the next chapter!! :D xx





Love you all!

Claire :D xx

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