Life of a EX Eleanor Calder

No one has heard from Emma for over two years. After the biggest misunderstanding of her life, she ran away raising her daughter on her own. But somehow Louis gets in contact with his best mates EX and his daughter. How will Emma react when her daughters famous father shows up? Will sparks fly, or will love burn to a crisp?


17. Chapter 17


~Emma's POV~


I smiled and turned around as Louis stumbled down the stairs. Everyone spent the night here, so the house is very loud. I bounced Kat up and down on my lap and kissed her cheek.

"What a cutie." Jesy cooed and sat in the barstool next to me. Perrie crossed her arms. Zayn looked over his shoulders and then turned back to making the eggs.

"Edward Sheeran!!" Perrie yelled. Louis ran his hands through his hair and sat down in the other barstool next to me. Ed looked around the corner. "What happened to the vodka that was over there?" Perrie asked, pointing into the grand living room.

"I drank it." Harry said, raising his hand in the air. "Well, Zayn and I did."

"What makes you think that I did it!?" Ed exclaimed. Perrie leaned back on the counter and bit her nails. "Eh, never mind, I do drink the most." Ed winked and leaned on the wall.

"Okay everyone!" Zayn said loudly and clapped his hands together. Jade looked up from the morning paper and Dani took a sip of tea. Perrie wrapped her arms around Zayn and put her head on Zayn's chest. "We have an announcement."

"Oh yay!" Leigh-Anne squealed. Perrie giggled. I smiled and leaned my head on Louis shoulder. He kissed my forehead and held my hand.

Perrie held up her hand. "I said yes!". Danielle's hands flew to her mouth and Leigh-Anne and Jade exchanged glances while Jesy was jumping up and down.

"Ohmigosh!! That's amazing!!" Jesy yelled.

"Congratulations guys!" Liam said excitedly.

"That's not all." Zayn smiled. Jesy and I exchanged glances and I kissed Kat's forehead. We all sat in silence, waiting for what they were going to say.

"When Zayn was in Africa we were trying for a baby.." Perrie trailed off.

"But we decided that after seeing the circumstances of the children that live in there, we decided that-"

"We're going to adopt a baby from Africa." Perrie cut him off excitedly.

"Ohmigosh Perrie!!" I yelled. Ed about spit out his drink, Dani slammed down her cup of tea excitedly, Liam and Harry looked at them with wide-eyes, Jade and Leah-Anne screamed and put their hands to their mouth, and Jesy pretty much had enough. She jumped up and down and squealed.

"Did you hear that Kat!?" I asked my daughter excitedly. "You're going to have a cousin!" Louis got up and hugged Zayn.

"Nothing is better than the feeling of being a father." Louis smiled and patted Zayn on the back. Zayn looked down and smiled. He shook his head and looked back up at Louis.

"I am massively excited." Zayn smiled.

"Two down three more to go!!" Liam yelled, with his thumbs up. I threw my head back laughing and sat Kat down on the floor. She ran over to Ed and he picked her up.

"So whens the wedding?" I asked and tossed my hair over my shoulder. Perrie shrugged her shoulders and put some eggs on her plate.

"We're thinking before we get the baby." She smiled.

"And when is that going to be?" Jade asked, then took a big drink of her milk.

"They said a little less then a year..?" Perrie said, her eyebrows were knitted together.

"Do you want a boy or girl?" Leigh-Anne asked, popping a grape in her mouth.

"We don't care. I think that what we're going to do is go to the hospital and adopt one of the newborns."

"That's so cool! I hope you get a girl, I've always wanted a niece!!" Jesy blabbered on.

"It's going to be amazing." Perrie said dreamily. "I am just so excited, I am going to love motherhood."

"What do your parents and Zayn's parents think of it?" I asked, grabbing a grape and popped it into my mouth.

"They are thrilled, beyond excited to be grandparents." Perrie smiled.

"My parents are overly excited." Zayn chuckled.

"Well my parents were too when the found out about Kat." Louis pointed out.

"I would be the same way if I found out that I was going to be a grandparent." Harry shrugged his shoulders.

"It all depends on what age, if Kat came up to me when she's 16 saying that I am going to be a grandparent, I would be sad, but it would be completely different if she was 30 and told me that." Louis said, leaning against the counter.

"Gosh, I'd have a heart attack if Kat told me that she was pregnant at that age. I was young enough when I had her." I sighed.

"I would kill the guy who did that to her." Harry said, crossing his arms.

"All of the lads would gang up and beat the crap out of that guy." Ed joked.

"You know that they'd really do that." Dani said seriously.

"She is literally the luckiest girl in the world." Leigh-Anne gushed. I smiled and looked over at my daughter.

"Yeah, she is."









It's 2 AM and I just finished writing this. You're welcome.



Love you all!

-Claire :D Xx

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