Life of a EX Eleanor Calder

No one has heard from Emma for over two years. After the biggest misunderstanding of her life, she ran away raising her daughter on her own. But somehow Louis gets in contact with his best mates EX and his daughter. How will Emma react when her daughters famous father shows up? Will sparks fly, or will love burn to a crisp?


14. Chapter 14


~Emma's POV~


"Kat! Do you have all you things?!" I yelled from my room, double checking that Louis and I packed everything. I heard my daughter huff and roll her suitcase on the hardwood floor.

"Yes mummy." She said bluntly. I smiled and kissed her on the forehead.

"Louis! Are all the snacks packed up?" I asked, coming into the kitchen. I saw Louis packing snacks into a blue bag.

"I'm working on it." He said slightly annoyed. "Why are we bringing these, some of these snacks aren't even allowed on the plane."

"Because it is a four hour drive to the airport." I said tiredly and ran around frantically making sure that we had everything packed up. Louis sighed and sat the bag of snacks down beside all of the suitcases.

"Mamma, why do we have to leave so early?" Kat asked sluggishly. It was 4 AM and our plane left at 9:30. I picked her up and kissed her forehead.

"Tomorrow we'll see Auntie Perrie and Uncle Zayn." I smiled and her face lit up. "Are any of the other boy's coming?" I asked, grabbing my duffle bag with my spare hand.

"Yeah, I think that Liam and Dani are coming for a day." Louis said, looking up from his phone.

"What about Niall and Harry?" I asked, setting Kat down.

"I have no clue what Harry's up to, but Niall is in Ireland to see his nephew." Louis smiled. I nodded my head and grabbed Kat's backpack.

"Kat, do you have all of your toys?" I asked as I counted the suit cases. Kat nodded her head and flopped down on the couch.

"I'm gonna start packing things into the car." Louis said and picked up a suitcase.

"I'll help." I smiled and grabbed my duffle bag and Katrina's backpack. "Kat, stay here." I said and walked out to the car with Louis.

"Are you sure that there is enough room for everything?" Louis asked as soon as we got to the car. I shrugged my shoulders and started throwing things into our black SUV.

"Lou, there is plenty of room." I smiled. We walked back up to the flat and got the rest of the suitcases.

"Are you ready Kat?" I asked as we looked around the apartment to make sure that we got everything. She tiredly shook her head and rubbed her eyes. I smiled and picked her up. "Are you ready Lou?"

"Yup." He said tiredly. I walked around the flat and made sure that all of the windows were locked. "Are you ready Kat?" Louis asked, tapping the tip of Kat's nose. She giggled and nodded her head.

"Lets get this show on the road!" I yelled as we pulled out of the parking lot. I kissed Louis on the cheek. "This is going to be the best vacation ever."


Little did I know...














I'm just SOOOO tired and stressed and this vacation that I am on is just really bringing me down, and I hardly slept and UGGGGH! I am going to rip my hair out. -.-


Good news is I updated my Pretty Little Liars fanfic that I totally forgot about :D



Yeaaahhhhh, so THANK YOOOU!




Claire :D xx

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