Just the Two of Us



3. The Song

~~~~~Maddie's P.O.V.~~~~~


"Kayte is gonna love me for this!" I laughed to myself as I made my way back through the crowds to my seat, this time without panicking. 

"What took you so long?!" Kayte yelled at me as I sat down.

"I got caught in a crowd and almost passed out....sorry." I laughed a bit to myself trying not to mention the fact that after the show she gets to meet the boys. Well, at least Louis. Louis, I'm glad I didn't pretend and act like I knew them and call him Lewis, how awkward would that have been.

"I totally forgot about that! I'm sorry, are you ok? I should've gone with you and made sure no one pushed you around." She said concerned.

Laughing I replied, "Don't worry about it! Some guy actually helped me up. He was rather nice." I smiled.

"A guy....ooooooo," She said wiggling her eyebrows. "What was his name?"

"Oh uh, I don't remember, but I am going to meet him over by the backstage entrance after the show." 

"How cute!" she gushed, "I'm so coming with you!" 

"For sure, now, how long until this is gonna get started?" I said checking my watch.

"In about 20 MIN!" she squealed.

We both laughed and waited for the show to start, talking about who knows what. I couldn't shake the excitement of seeing him after the show. Even though I wasn't a fan and didn't know much about them, I still felt like he was a truly amazing guy. As the time wore on, the excitement built up inside me. I wasn't a huge fan, like Kayte, but I still knew their songs from being forced to listen to days on end. They were pretty good. I wasn't expecting the show to be much though, sure their edited voices were great, but their live voices, I was expecting to be dreadful.

As the show started I watches all five boys come onto stage with smiles and jumping around, looking like they were going to have a great time. When their first song started, I was blown away by how great their voices actually were, these boys had talent. 

"Wow," I said nudging Kayte, "they can actually sing!"

"I told you didn't I, they're amazing!" She said then turning her attention back to the performing boys singing along with the music.

I watched the show enjoying the show and all the crazy antics of the boys. When it came to the point where they got to talk and joke around they were all really funny and entertaining, but still, the one I liked best was Louis.

I smiled when it was his turn to talk, "Well," he butted in followed by everyone screaming at the top of their lungs, "I would first like to thank everyone here! You are all amazing! We couldn't do it without you!" he then paused for a second, "Second, I would like to give a shout-out to a beautiful girl I met before the show." my heart raced as the fans around me went crazy, "The one with the beautiful blue eyes," I smiled big and continued watching, "I believe her name was Maddie..." He smiled big and chuckled a but.

"NO. FREAKING. WAY. That's who you met before the show?!" Kayte screamed at me so loud, I didn't think I could hear anymore.

"Y-yeah," I laughed a bit, "Now watch the show!"

We both looked back at the stage as he finishes speaking, "Don't forget to meet me after the show, babe." He winked and they moved on to their next song.

I couldn't believe that actually happened, any girl would die for that to happen to them, and it just happened to me. As Kayte screamed in my ear, I only focused on my thought and daydreams. 

"Wow..." I mumbled to myself as I turned my attention back to the concert.




Hey Guys! Sorry it's kinda another short one! I hope you liked it though. But I was wondering, would y'all like shorter chapters like every day or every other, or longer ones once a week? Comment please! :D Follow me on twitter! I follow back! @Love4Ever_14

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