Your Gonna Miss me When Im Gone

Brooke Valsquez . Justin Bieber . Brooke Had Been In Love with him since 6th grade. Been Bestfriend's since Second Grade But Justin left Brooke the night after the 9th grade dance which is when they kissed... Justin Promised to text, call, video chat, her everyday But Never did . What Happens when Justin Comes back to Canada?.


10. Perfect Day.



Brooke's P.O.V-


Next Day -


I Woke Up To Thinking about what Happened Yesterday . I Start to Smile Remembering Kyle is My Boyfriend and Im his Girlfriend . Eeeeeep !

I Checked my phone To see I Had One missed call and One new Text both From Kyleee <33

I Opened the Text Message and Instantly Smiled



Hey beautiful , Your probably still sleeping . Im Glad I Can finally call you mine ! Your Just so Perfect babe. Well Call me when you wake up babe . <3

-Love Kyle

I just Couldn't stop smiling . Oh right Im suppose to call him .

I Dialed his number and It Rang and Finally he Picked up

" Hey Gorgeous " He Said .

I Blushed " Hey Babe "

"So Im Gonna Take You Out today , I Mean the whole day " He told me I Could feel him smiling

"Okay Babe , When are you - " I Got cut off by a Knock on the door , I Walked over to See Kyle .

"Now " He smiled and Hung up .

I Jumped on him and hugged him . He started to hug back . I looked up at him and He lent down and Kissed me . <3

I Pulled away and went into the kitchen and sat on the stool .

"So babe When are we leaving ? " I Questioned as I Was eating a apple. He smiled

" Whenever Your done getting ready I Mean I Wouldn't care if you wore that " He winked . I Looked down and noticed I Was in a Sports bra and Shorts . I Blushed a Deep shade of red . " Im going to change I'll be down In 30 Okay ? " I Told him . 

"Okay beautiful . Hurry Though . I Want to spend time with my perfect girlfriend" He smiled.

I Ran Upstairs Into the Bathroom and Stripped out of my clothing and Stepped into the shower . I Was Happy until I Noticed my wrist . Ugh I Shouldn't of cutted . I Just hope Kyle didn't notice because I Know he would be Upset .

I Shook it off and Finished up in the Shower . I Stepped out and Went into my room And Changed into a Floral Top and skinny jeans and White toms . I Did my hair and Put on A Little lip gloss and Mascara . I Grabbed my phone and Ran downstairs To find Kyle Sitting down on the Couch Watching Mtv. I Jumped on Him because he didn't see me .

"Holy Crap . Brooke You scared me . " He Breathed heavily .

I Giggled . He's cute when he gets Scared.

" But You look Gorgeous as Always babe " He smiled and put His hands on my waist .

I Blushed a deep shade of rose Red . " Your cute when You Blush " Omg This Boy . I Smiled at him .


"Ready to go Love? " He asked . I Nodded . We walked outside and Straight to his car . He opened the door for me . I thought what a gentleman . He closed the door and Ran over to his side and Got in . He shut the door and Started the Car .


" So Where are we going ? " I Asked . He Grabbed my hand and I Intwined our fingers .

" I Thought we could go to the Carnival and Then after that Grab something to eat " He smiled .

"That Seems like a Perfect day to me babe so Okay " I Smiled and Kissed his Cheek .

We drove for 10 minutes Until we got to the carnival . We Got out of the car and walked to the ticket booth Hand and Hand .


Nothing will Ruin This day ! <3


Justin's P.O.V -


I Couldn't Stop thinking of Brooke . I Don't know what Got into me the other day . I Cant believe I Slapped her . To get my minds off of things im taking Selena To a Carnival .


I Missed Brooke alot . My Thoughts got interruppted When We Arrived at the Carnival 

" Cmon Justy " Selena Said Giggling . I Smiled and We walked and got tickets  .

This Day is Nice so far . but then my heart sank into my Stomach .

Brooke Saw me and we Locked Eye contact . This Doesnt look So Good ...



Hope You Guys Like The story so Far (: Comment Favorite Heart

xoxoxo .

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