Your Gonna Miss me When Im Gone

Brooke Valsquez . Justin Bieber . Brooke Had Been In Love with him since 6th grade. Been Bestfriend's since Second Grade But Justin left Brooke the night after the 9th grade dance which is when they kissed... Justin Promised to text, call, video chat, her everyday But Never did . What Happens when Justin Comes back to Canada?.


9. Lies. Hurt . Anger.



Brooke's P.O.V-

I Stood their Shocked . My Heart is Racing . I Finally had the Courage to speak..


" J-justin? what are y-you Doing here?!" I Asked On the verge of Crying .

"I Came to Apologize I Don't want to lose you Brooke .. I was Busy with--" I Cut him off.


He stood their I Could see the anger In His eyes . Then i felt my Face start to sting .. He slapped me ... I Looked at him balling my eyes out . 

He looked sorry and guilty . 

" Brooke I-i am Sorry i - " He stuttered , I Cut him off again 

" How dare You Slap me You Have no right . You lead me on . I Hate You so much . You dont even know . You changed Justin you Changed so much since You met HER . You Use to be sweet and Funny . Now Your Just a Prick and Player . I Never want to see you ever again .. I-i Hate You get out Of my house Right now .. " I Said Crying .. 

He Just shook his Head and Left and Said " Always remember I Love you Brookie .." With that He walked out .. 


He remembered The Nickname He gave me . I stood their .. Hurt , betrayed , angry , depressed . I Dropped down to my knees Balling my eyes out .. I Need to Vent to someone ... I Know who Kyle... 

I Ran upstairs and Grabbed my phone and texted him .. 


Please Come over . Justin came here And I need to vent to someone Please Kyle.. 


I Pressed send and Quickly got a text back . 


On My way Be over in 5 . 


I Just sat their on my bed crying .. I Went to the bathroom and Changed . I Saw it on the counter .. The razor . No Don't brooke my mind was telling me . But I thought it takes The Pain away.I Closed my eyes, I Slid it Across my wrist so much . I Opened them and I Saw My new cuts . I Started crying . What have i done? I Heard the doorbell ring. 


I Quickly put on a hoodie , and Walked down stairs and Opened the Door Only to reveal Kyle. 

He looked Hurt and Shocked . I Probably Had EyeLiner and Mascara All over my face . I Looked up at him and He pulled me close to him and Just Hugged me . I Put my head In the Crook of his Neck and Started crying into His shirt . 


" Lets Go sit on the Couch Brooke" He Spoke pulling me to the couch and Closing the door . 

He sat me next to him and Grabbed my Hand and Intwined our Fingers  I Got Butterflies . 

He looked into my eyes and Spoke. 

"What happened ? I Hate seeing you like this . Your too beautiful to be crying . It kills me to see you like this .. " He Said Looking into my eyes about On the verge of crying . 


I Told him everything about Justin slapping me . I mean everything How he lead me on . 

Kyle looked Angry . " He slapped you?!?! " He shouted Squeezing my hand . 

I Nodded my Head Slowly With tears rolling down My Cheeks . Kyle calmed down a Little and Spoke . 

" Brooke You don't Deserve that . He is a Dick for doing that . I Would never treat you or act like that Towards you any guy would be lucky to have You . I Mean Look at You . Your hazel eyes , Your laugh , Your smile , That one dimple is Adorable . Im In Love with you Brooke Valsquez . I Promise You if you were mine I Would treat You Like a Princess Because you are One . Brooke Would You Be Mine? " He asked With Sorrow in His eyes . I Felt Butterflies . 

I Smiled and Kissed Him , He was Shocked but Once realized What i did and Kissed back . I Pulled apart after 5 seconds . 

" Of course " I Smiled and Pecked His Lips . 

"If He ever Hurts You Again Brooke . I Will Give him a Piece of My Mind . " He said Laughing .

I Giggled . "Your Laugh is Adorable " He smiled . I Blushed .


This Day Just got 100 Times Better Hopefully Nothing ruins it <3





Hope This Was a Good Chapter . Sorry if it was Short . But thank You guys so much 

I Love You guyss!! <3 

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