Senior Year with Eleanor

Ingrid has been best friends with Eleanor since their first year at University of Manchester. Through their years of friendship Eleanor has been dating Louis and Ingrid has been on and off with Niall. However, during their final year at Uni, Ingrid finds herself more and more attracted to Louis-even to the point of breaking her best friends heart.


3. Shopping

Louis and I haven't talked since the incident; I mean we've seen each other, but haven't exactly talked. He's constantly over at the apartment seeing Eleanor, so I'll wave hello and he will too, nothing more. It probably wouldn't be so awkward if every time I saw him I didn't picture him naked, but I do. He'll walk through the door of our apartment and I automatically see him dripping wet, his body glistening showing off his muscles and tattoos. I practically have to gather my drool before I leave the room for fear of embarrassment. Hopefully today I will turn over a new leaf, and let these thoughts go. Niall and I are going on a date tonight, and by the amount of butterflies in my stomach, I'm thinking it's a good sign.

"Hey El, I need your help picking out an outfit," I yelled across the apartment from my bedroom door. Quickly El's head peeked out from behind her door, and she gave me a suspicious smile.

"Why's that Grid?" She asked slyly, leaning against her door frame, crossing her arms. She could be so sassy, just like Louis. Don't even think about his name, Ingrid! I thought before flashing her a smile.

"I have a date tonight," I smiled, looking at my toes. I always got so embarrassed when talking about Niall or any boy in particular.

Immediately El's face changed from sassy to excited,"Really? Why didn't you just say so!" she squealed, running into my bedroom. With her looking at my clothes, I sat on the bed and let El do her magic. Unlike El who always had the cutest clothes and always looked adorable, I preferred the ugly oversized sweater and my leggings. If this had been a normal date, I would have been wearing exactly that, but since this date was the first in a long time, I was trying to look really good for him.

El was closely examining my wardrobe, occasionally picking up a shirt, looking at it, shaking her head and putting it back. After about ten minutes, she turns to be to me absolutely disgusted.

Confused I gave her a wide eyed glare, "What is it?" I asked, biting my nails impatient that I didn't have an outfit yet. 

El shook her head, and touched all the clothes in my closest with  one quick stroke of the arm. "You have absolutely no clothes, nothing!" She exclaimed, raising her arms in the air in defeat. "How am I supposed to help you pick out an outfit if you have no clothes. You used to have so many cute clothes last year, where are they?" She questioned me, obviously disappointed she couldn't borrow my old clothes anymore.

"Well see I never wore them, so I just left them at my parents..." I said quietly, hoping she wouldn't hear me.

"What! So you left all your cute clothes and only brought your collection of ugly sweaters?"

"Basically" I said bluntly, no use lying about it.  

El rolled her eyes and growled under breath. I knew she loved me, but we are so different it's easy to get angry at each other, even about the silliest of things. I thought she was going to yell me again when she turned to me slowly, but instead her face had a small grin, the same grin she always made when she had an idea. 

"What is it?" I asked, have scared of her answer. El however, just looked at me, smiling bigger and bigger with each passing second. 

"No, seriously what is it?" I asked again, afraid I already knew the answer. 

"We're going shopping!" El screamed with excitement, as I moaned and rolled off the bed, displaying my sadness.

"Don't make me!" I cried, covering my face with my hands.

"Oh stop being such a baby! Do you want to look good on your date?" She asked, raising one eyebrow as she did. 

"Yessssss," I moaned, knowing I had no other choice. 

"Then you have to go shopping. Come on grab your bag, I'll meet you by the door."

Laying on the floor, I watched as El strutted out of the room, annoyed that I would have to follow. Slowly, I got onto my feet and grabbed my bag. I heard the door open and realized El was going to leave without me.

"Wait for me!" I yelled, running to catch up with El who was already walking out the door. 


"How about this?" El asked holding a dress up against me. I didn't even get a chance to look at it before she moved it away from me, and said, "You're trying it on anyway," adding it to her pile of clothes she was carrying. To be honest, I have no idea what she's picking out for me, but if it's El doing it, I know I'll look great. 

We've been in Topshop for at least an hour and my patients was growing thin. "Hey El, you realize my dates at eight, right?" I groaned, hoping to speed up the shopping process. 

"Mmhmm, I know. We'll be done before hand. Don't worry, Grid," she said, far too focused on the clothes than on what I had to say. I looked around Topshop, everyone in here was dressed perfectly; hair perfectly messy and outfits perfectly assembled. And here I stood, hair in a ponytail and my dad's old sweater with hot air balloons on it. High five for being the most awkward one here, I thought to myself watching El grab more clothes for her already full hands. She never let me carry the clothes if she was shopping with me, because she knew I'd set them back down on the shelves. 

"Grid, let's go to the dressing room," She said, snapping me out of my thoughts. I followed behind her, touching the clothes as I passed them. Once in the dressing, El threw all the clothes at me, not bothering to help me hang them on the hook. 

"You go try these, and I'll sit right here. You have to show me each one, okay?" She ordered me more than asked, but I shrugged my shoulders in agreement and closed the door. I looked at the options she gave me, each one different and none of them my style. I sighed, knowing better than to refuse to try them on. When it comes to El, it's better to agree with her then fight her. 

I slipped on the first dress, it was white and almost see through. It felt more like lingerie then a dress to be honest. I took a deep breath and stepped out of the dressing room, pouting as I faced El.

"I don't like it," I moaned, pouting my lips even further so she got the point.

El crinkled her nose and look at me, "I don't like it either. Too see through." With her right hand, she waved me back into the dressing room, which I did thankful to get out of this dress. As soon as I closed the door, I ripped the dress off my body and hung it in the 'get rid of' pile. One down, four more to go, I thought just wishing this whole thing would be over soon. I put on the next outfit, a back crop top with white shorts. It was fine, but too casual for the date Niall is taking me on. He said to dress "fancy" and this is definitely not fancy. I stepped out of the dressing room anyway, and told Eleanor it wouldn't work. She only rolled her eyes annoyed and waved me back into the room. There was something wrong about each outfit, or at least I thought so.

After coming out in the fourth outfit and it was still a 'no', Eleanor was getting a little angry.

"You have one more outfit to try on, you're almost done. Hopefully this one is it, or else we have to find more to try on!" El said sarcastically, knowing it would annoy me.

"Ughhhh," I moaned, praying the fifth outfit would be it. I went back into the dressing room, hopefully for the last time, and looked at the dress. It was a mid thigh tight black dress with long sleeved, and a low cut back, exposing skin all the way to my lower back. I actually liked it, which was weird for me, considering I hate most clothes other than my sweaters.

"Here goes nothing," I whispered, as a stepped into the dress and look at the dress in the mirror. Woah, this could work, I thought. I took a deep breath and stepped out, hands on my hips saying, "How do I look?" in a rather sassy manor. But to my surprise it wasn't just El, but Louis as well. My eyes got really big as they always do when I'm nervous, and I began tugging on the hem, trying to make the dress longer. 

Louis's eyes were big as well, his mouth hanging open in surprise and approval... I think. El smiled and clapped her hands together. 

"That's it! You look hot, Ingrid!" El exclaimed, getting up from her chair and hugged me. Over her should I looked at Louis who still stood there with his mouth open. El turned away from and turned to Louis, "Doesn't she look gorgeous, Lou?"

Louis stood motionless for a second, and then shook his head, as if snapping back into reality. "Uh... I..." Louis said before clearing his throat and continued,"You look great, Ingrid." He sounded so sincere that I couldn't help but smile. 

"Thank's you two! I just hope Niall likes it," I laughed, pushing a piece of hair behind my ear. I looked at Louis, and I swear he looked disappointed. I crinkled my nose in confusion, I thought he said he liked it. 

"What's wrong Louis?" I asked, curious as to why his demeanor changed. 

Louis quickly changed his expression to a smile and calmly said, "Oh nothing! I just thought you and Niall had broken up." He laughed running his hand through his hair, slightly messing it up. 

"Oh no, they're still together!" El said, laughing at Louis's mistake. I joined in on the laughing, but I couldn't help think he was a little disappointed. Why was that? I couldn't put my finger on it, so I quickly tried to change the subject.

I turned to both of them and asked, "So, do you guys think I should get--"

"Yes," Louis nearly yelled before I could finished talking. I looked at him, my head cocked to one side in confusion. 

"Okay, I'll get it then!" I smiled, walking back into my dressing room. The minute I closed the door, I hugged myself happy that Louis liked it. Oh stop it, Ingrid!  This outfit is for Niall, not Louis. I shook my head and continued to take off the dress and put back on my own clothes. On the plus side, I didn't think of him naked! I thought, trying to distract myself, which worked horribly, for the minute I thought of that all I see was Louis's naked body. Shit

"Come one, Grid! We can't leave Niall waiting!" Eleanor said cheerfully from the other side of the door. Niall? Oh yeah, Niall. 

"Coming!" I shouted, secretly hoping Louis was taking me out on a date instead of Niall. 

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