Senior Year with Eleanor

Ingrid has been best friends with Eleanor since their first year at University of Manchester. Through their years of friendship Eleanor has been dating Louis and Ingrid has been on and off with Niall. However, during their final year at Uni, Ingrid finds herself more and more attracted to Louis-even to the point of breaking her best friends heart.


6. Forgotten


"I hate you!" Eleanor screamed, angrily throwing her heels at me.
"Ow! Stop it!" I tried dodging her hits but boy did she have good aim.
"You stole my boyfriend, you whore!" She spat her words at me, killing me with each syllable.
"Eleanor you have you believe me, he came onto me! I wouldn't do anything to hurt you." 
Eleanor just ignored me, screaming and throwing my belongings on the floor. After her battle with my closet, she turned to me slowly, laughing hysterically.
"What's so funny?"
"Louis would never come onto you." 
"El! That's what happened! He just--"
"You're too ugly for him." At this point she fell over laughing, clapping her hands together like a circus seal. 
My mouth fell open, I swear my jaw hit the floor.
"Oh, and you're too fat." She was snorting laughing, but I stood frozen, my mouth hanging open. She knew I had serious body issues and she had the nerve to say that? 
"How could you?" I cried, wiping tears from my eyes. Eleanor's eyes were filled with rage as she marched up to me so we were face to face.
"How could I? Are you fucking serious?" 
Her face was beat red and I could see the sweat form on her brow. 
"I didn't mean to do anything wrong! He came onto me!"
"Lying bitch," she screamed, slapping me across the face.

I sat up immediately, drenched in sweat. I felt my cheek where I had been hit, but felt no pain. Confused, I looked around the room and realized I had been asleep.
"Thank God that was just a dream." I let out a sigh of relief, wiping some of the sweat off my forehead. I fell back on the couch and closed my eyes. 
"Wait, what?" I sat up again, rubbing my eyes. The apartment was a mess: clothes littered the floor and dishes filled the sink. This is definitely not my apartment, confused I thought about last night. 
"Oh that's right, I'm at Louis." Louis. My heart dropped, and my head began to spin. Did he mean it? Of course he did, he nearly cried that I wasn't believing him. The way his heart raced when he put my hand on his chest...
I was quickly pulled out of my thoughts by Louis's voice. I looked towards his bedroom where he stood in his boxers, rubbing his eyes.
"What are you doing here?" He scratched his forehead and nervously laughed.
"Wait, you don't remember what happened last night?"
"No clue." 
My heart sank to what felt like the bottom of the sea. I could feel a lump in my throat forming, but I quickly cleared my voice to get rid of it. I pushed my hair back, ignoring the tangled mess it was.
"I found you in my apartment drunk... so I drove you home. You said I could crash here and you'd drive me home in the morning."
"Oh okay. I'll go put a shirt on and then we can leave." 
I nodded my head and looked at me hands. How did he forget? Should I tell him? What happens if he doesn't admit to it? It's just better to pretend it never happened. I continued to debate the consequences in my head as I gathered my things. I ran over to the mirror to see how I looked. My hair was still wavy, just tangled now and a bit greasy, but nothing too bad. Makeup wise I was in the clear, the red lipstick had come off sometime during the night and my mascara was still in. It was going to look really strange wearing this kind of dress during the day, but who cares. 
"Ready to go?" 
I turned around to see Louis standing next to the door, he muscular arms visible through his tight long sleeve shirt. 
We started our awkward descend down the stairwell, not talking to each other; only a cough here and there to break the silence. Finally we made it to the car, and I was thankful to be getting home.
"So... Umm... Did I say anything to you?" Louis looked nervous, his grin obviously fake. 
"No, not really." 
"Okay, did I say why I was there?" 
"You... You umm wanted to see Eleanor I think. You mostly just sang." 
That was partially the truth at least. Louis seemed to believe me though, his body relaxed and he laughed. 
"Do you mind if I ask you a question?" I asked, pushing a piece of hair behind my ear. 
"Go for it." 
"Why were you so drunk in the first place?" 
Louis gripped the stirring wheel harder, leave sweat marks on it.
"You don't have to answer if you don't want to." I offered, uncomfortable with the way Louis was acting. 
"No, no it's fine." He cleared his throat, and ruffled his hair."I was drinking last night because I was upset."
"Why were you so upset?" 
"Just was I guess." He pressed his mouth into a thin line and I got the hint to shut up. For the rest of the ride I looked out the window silently, afraid of another awkward conversation.
"We'll here we are," louis said, pulling into my buildings garage.
"Thanks for the ride home." I tried running out of the car as fast as I could but Louis gently grabbed my shoulder. I turned to look at him, his eyes gentle and blue.
"Ingrid, can we not tell Eleanor about this?" 
"What, why?" Why shouldn't I tell my best friend?
"I just don't want her to think anything happened." 
"But nothing happened."
"Just please don't tell her."
"Fine Louis, I won't." 
I quickly jumped out of the car before he could stop me and ran to my apartment floor. Slamming the door behind me, I sighed heavily with the relief of being home. I set my house keys on the counter and walked to the kitchen.
"Hey Grid? Have fun last night?" Eleanor said, popping her head up from the sofa. 
"It was interesting." I tried to hide my face from her, afraid my eyes would give something away. 
"Ohh Lala! Tell me about it!" She squealed, sitting up on the sofa. 
"Maybe later, I'm really tired." I lied, pretending to yawn.
"I bet you are, you dirty girl!" She laughed, winking at me.
"I'll see you later." I walked to my room and closed the door behind me, confident that she wouldn't come in. I ripped the clothes off my body, throwing them violently on 
to the floor. What am I going to do? Should I listen to Louis and not say anything? or should I tell El and ignore Louis? Or should I tell Louis what he said? All the possible scenarios ran threw my head, and none of them seemed like the correct answer. Groaning, I fell onto the bed, and buried myself with multiple blankets.
"Hopefully sleeping will help me." I mumbled, drifting off to sleep with Louis's words in my mind.

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