Senior Year with Eleanor

Ingrid has been best friends with Eleanor since their first year at University of Manchester. Through their years of friendship Eleanor has been dating Louis and Ingrid has been on and off with Niall. However, during their final year at Uni, Ingrid finds herself more and more attracted to Louis-even to the point of breaking her best friends heart.


4. Date Night

I sat in front of the mirror, putting the final touches of make up on as El curled my hair. I never wore a lot of makeup, which Niall loved, claiming I was beautiful naturally, but I still put some on for a confidence booster. 

"Niall's going to die when he sees you, Grid!" El said, curling a price of hair around the barrel of the curling iron. 

"Oh I hope so!" I put on the last of makeup, a bright red lipstick. My big blue eyes only had mascara on, so I was hoping the lipstick would make a statement. 

"All done!" El said, unplugging the curly iron. I sat up, shaking out the curls for a more natural look. I looked at the mirror, my hair was in large waves coming down to my belly button and my black dress fit me perfectly. Since I was only two inches shorter than Niall, I put flats on to make him feel taller and limit the awkwardness of me towering over him. 

I turned to El, smiling, "do I look alright?" 

"Ingrid, are you serious? You look lovely!"

I couldn't help but smile at El's comment, and hugged her tightly. 

"He'll probably be here soon, I'm going to grab my stuff" 

"Sure thing, girly. I'll go the door to let him when he comes."

I turned away as El walked out the door and grabbed a small black clutch. I usually don't carry a purse, but you can't exactly carry a backpack with this dress, so El let me borrow her purse. 

"Grid, Niall's here!" El screamed from the sitting room. 

"Okay, be out in a sec!" I gave myself one last look in the mirror and walked out into the hallway. Niall stood in the hallway, dressed in black pants and a leather jacket. Oh man he looks hot, I thought walking up to him. He had red roses in his hands and a huge smile on his face.

"Ingrid!" He yelled, quickly picking me up and spinning me around. I laughed uncontrollably as we spinned, my feet never touching the floor. 

"Niall!" I yelled back as he set me down on my feet. 

"Oh, here. These are for you," he said awkwardly, blushing as he handed me the roses.

"Thank you! They're lovely," I said, blushing as well. "Let me put these in a vase and then we can go." 

I walked to the kitchen, where I retrieved a vase and set the flowers in. I quickly smelled them before turning back to Niall.

"Ready to go?"

"Yes! Of course!" Niall said. I could tell he was excited by the way he acted, he was all jumpy and moved at every word I said, it was completely adorable. 

"After you," he said, opening the door for me. 

"Thank you," I smiled at him. " Oh, and see oh later El!" I waved goodbye at her before stepping out into the buildings hallway. 

"Hey babe, I missed you," Niall said, quickly holding my hand the minute he walked out the door. 

"I missed you too, Nialler." 

I watched as Niall's smile grew with my comment. I forgot how sweet he was over the summer. 

We walked down the stairs and out the door. 

"Where's your car?" I asked, not seeing it in the parking lot.

"Oh it's right here!" He said excitedly, letting go of my hand and running to his vehicle. It was a new Audi r8, definitly not the same ford fusion he had when I left. He beat me to the car, opening the door for me. 

"How in the world did you afford this?" I questioned, sliding into the passanger seat. He closed the door behind me and ran to the drivers seat.

"I have my ways," he said with a smirk, obviously proud that I was impressed. I laughed and put my seat belt on. 

"So, where are we going? Am I dressed okay for it?" 

"Shhh! It's a surprise! And you look beautiful, Grid, don't worry about a thing." He said in a flirty tone, winking at me causing me to giggle.

"Thanks," I said biting my lip. I examined his profile as he drove. His hair was blonder than before, but you could still see his dark brown roots. I never understood why he dyed his hair, but it looked good on him so I didn't question it. His jaw was more defined, and there was some stubble on his chin and cheeks. I look a deep breath, I love facial hair and Niall could certainly pull it off. I continued to examine him, around his neck was the necklace I bought him before I left, a heart engraved with the exact coordinates of where we met. I looked down blushing, happy he still wore it. Being with him now, I have no idea why I had been thinking about Louis so much. I definitely like Niall more than anyone I've ever been with. He was such a nice and funny person, I don't know what I was thinking earlier. 

"Staring much?" Niall joked, laughing at me. I blushed a shade similar to the roses me bought me and looked out the window. He was making me so nervous, the butterflies in my stomach were having a fiesta at this point. 

"I'm sorry, I just can't help myself! You're just soooo hot," I said sarcastically, grabbing his arm to display my exaggerated emotions. His arms were hard as rock, woah, has he been working out?

"Well, what I can I say?" Niall said, shrugging his shoulders. Laughing, I let go of his arm and leaned back into my seat. 

"We're here" Niall said, pulling into the parking lot. I looked outside the car window and stared mouth open.

"How did you even get reservations here?" I exclaimed, looking at the restaurant, Australasia. 

Niall just laughed and stepped out of the car. I remained in my seat, amazed that I was even here. 

"May I?" Niall asked, reaching out an extended hand for me to grab. Smiling, I took his hand and stepped out of the car. 

"Niall, this is the nicest restaurant in Manchester. How did you possibly get us a table?" I questioned, still in disbelief I was actually here. 

"Well I remembered how much you always wanted to go there. So the minute you left in May, I called and made a reservation for tonight."

Niall smiled at me, the streetlights creating shadows on his face, but causing his eyes to sparkle. I bite my lip, no one has ever done something this sweet for me. I beamed at Niall and planted a kiss on his cheek. 

"Thank you so much, you're amazing," I told him, squeezing his hand tighter. Niall squeezed back and it soon became a game of who could squeeze harder. We continued this until we were seated at a table in the corner of the restaurant, secluded yet still part of the rest of the crowd. 

"Order anything you want, it's on me," Niall stated confidently. I raised one eyebrow at him, how was he possibly paying for all this? Was this the same Niall that get's excited about a coupon in the Sunday paper? 

"Are you sure? It's rather pricy here..."

"No, you are my date and you will order what you want."

I was taken back by his stirn voice, but I loved it when Niall took control.

"Okay, if you say so," I said beaming a smile at him. He smiled back and focused back on the menu. Niall loved food more anything, possibly more than his own mom and took ordering very seriously. I on the other hand usually choose the first thing that sounded good on the menu, and Niall still always complains that I order better than him. 

A red headed waitress came up to our table, looking only at Niall and totally ignoring me. 

"Do know you what you'd like to order?" She asked only to Niall, acting as if I wasn't even there. 

"I would like the Gado gado salad," I said before Niall could order, forcing the waitress to look away from Niall. I could tell she didn't want to by the way she gritted her teeth and forced a smile. I simply smiled back and gave her an evil glare that would hopefully hint for her to back off. 

"And you, sir?" She turned back to Niall, fluttering her eyelashes at him. Niall however didn't seem to notice at all.

"I'll have the pot-roasted lobster with kaffir lime, chilli and thai basil," he said handing the menu back to the waitress, never taking his eyes off of me. Disappointed the girl gathered the menus and walked away, and I took a sip of my water. 

"You realize you bought the most expensive item on the menu, right?" I questioned concerned on how he was affording it.

"Don't worry about it, Ingrid. I can handle it," he smiled, taking a sip of his beer.

I shrugged my shoulders and took another sip of my water.

"So... How was your summer?"


"Thank you for a great night," I said as we pulled up to my apartment. 

"No problem, I had a great time too" he said, opening the passenger door. I stepped out of the vehicle and turned to him, our faces inches apart. Before I could say anything else, he grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to him, our bodies touching. The only existing space between was closed as he lifted my chin and sent his lips crashing into mine. Niall's new strength quickly came into play as our tongues fought for dominance, his winning without any effort. I ran my fingers through his hair, roughly tugging it, while the other hand gripped his neck. His hands began in my hair but quickly began to explore my body. His hands slid down my back that was exposed by my dress, and grabbed my ass tightly. I squealed at his actions, and could feel him smile against my lips. He picked me up, and I wrapped my legs around him, allowing him to support my body with his hands. He set me down on the front of his car, my legs still wrapped around his body. We continued to kiss, it growing more and more passionate with each second. He began to lean down forcing my back onto the car. I could hear him laugh as I began to moan when he moved from my mouth to my neck, kissing and biting it gently. I could feel a bulge in his pants forming and slowly pushed him off. I released my legs from their grip around him and sat up on the car. Niall pouted and tried giving me puppy dog eyes.

"Nice try Niall, but there in no way we are having sex on the roof of your car," I laughed jumping off the car so my feet were on the concrete.

"Then let me upstairs," he smiled leaning to kiss me again. 

"Not tonight," I whispered putting a finger against his lips to stop his kiss. 

"Okay, babe," Niall said smiling at me. I leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you again. I can't wait to see you later," I said as I walked to the building's door.

"Me too, do you want me to walk you to your floor?" He asked, leaning against his car.

"No, that's okay! Goodnight, Niall"

"Goodnight, Ingrid. Sweet dreams," he said before slipping into his car. 

I waved until he drove away, and then entered the building. Once inside I couldn't help but hug myself and smile. I started my walk up the stairs; I lived on the 3rd floor so taking the elevator was a waste. I looked at my feet to make sure I didn't miss a step, I could be really clumsy if I wasn't careful. Not bothering to pay attention to anything but the steps in front of me, I continued to climb. Apparently someone wasn't paying attention either because on the second flight I walked square into someone else.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" I said, quickly looking at who I walked into. I looked up, only too see Louis directly in front of me.  

"Oh hey, Louis. I didn't mean--" But before I could finish, Louis grabbed the back of my neck and pulled his lips to mine. 

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