Senior Year with Eleanor

Ingrid has been best friends with Eleanor since their first year at University of Manchester. Through their years of friendship Eleanor has been dating Louis and Ingrid has been on and off with Niall. However, during their final year at Uni, Ingrid finds herself more and more attracted to Louis-even to the point of breaking her best friends heart.


5. Confession

Before I could process what was happening Louis forced my mouth open, holding my head securely in place with his hand. I stood still, not sure of what to do, but he seemed to have a plan. He continued to hold my head so I couldn't move my lips away, while his other hand slid down my back, gentle tickling my spine. His touch sent shivers through my body, shivers of fear or pleasure I couldn't tell which. 
I wanted him to stop, but part of me wanted him to continue. I kept my eyes wide open as he explored my mouth with his tongue, allowing me to taste the alcohol he had recently consumed.  I tried pushing on his chest, anything to get him off of me. I could feel him smile as he continued to kiss me, grabbing my hand away from his chest and tightly squeezing my wrists. With his hand no longer holding my head, I pulled away from his mouth, and held my arms out to keep him away.
"Louis what are you doing," I asked breathlessly, my hands on his chest.
"Come on babe, you know you want me," he winked, his words slurred. He started to lean into me again, but my arms kept him a safe distance away.
"No Louis, why are you here. You need to go home," I said sternly, putting my hand on the side of his face so that he would look me into my eyes. 
"I came to find you," he said giggling, reaching for my hips. I swatted him away, grabbing his arms in the process to stop their exploration.
"Louis, it's Ingrid not Eleanor. I think you're confused."
"I'm not fucking confused!" He yelled, yanking his arms from my grip and tightly grabbing my shoulders. I stood frozen afraid he would hurt me, but he just looked at me with no expression. 
"Don't you understand!" He continued to yell, shaking my body back and forth.
"I wanted you, Ingrid," he whispered, stroking my cheek with his finger. I closed my eyes with his gentle touch. This was so wrong, but it felt so right. 
"Louis... Come on, your drunk. Let's get you home," I gently raised his arms off my shoulders and wrapped one around my neck, allowing him to lean on my side. Louis grumbled under his breath but continued to walk with me down the stairs, leaning all his body weight onto me. 
When we finally made it down the stairwell, I guided him to the front door.
"Louis, give me your keys."
"You're a feisty one," he giggled. "I'll give you my keys if you give me a kiss." He dangled the keys in front of my face, hysterically laughing as I crossed my arms and crinkled my nose.
"This isn't funny Louis, give your keys." Im wasn't kidding either, no way I was letting him kiss me again. I looked him dead in the eye, giving him a cold stare. 
"But, babe..." Louis whimpered.
"No but's, and I'm not your babe. Now hand me your keys." I extended my arm with my hand up in front of Louis. He pouted and moaned, but eventually he dropped the keys into my hand.
"Thank you, now lets get you home." 
I was able to guide him to the car with minimal effort, and helped him lay down in the backseat. Louis only lived a few minutes away, but the car ride felt like hours. I kept my eyes on the road, but occasionally looked back at Louis. He was sprawled out on the back, his one foot out the window, and the other resting on the passenger seat. I could hear him mumbling to himself and I decided not to respond.
"I should, I should, oh I should've kissed you," he sang loudly, waving his arms in the air. "And I did kiss her! Weeeeee!" He continued to laugh and sing, swaying his head back and forth to the imaginary beat. 
After what felt like hours I pulled into Louis's apartment, parking near the door.
"Come on Louis, time to go home." I reached into the backseat and helped him sit up.
"Oh no you don't!" He grabbed my body and pulled me on top of him in the back of his car.
"Let me go. I'm not in the mood for games." I tried pushing myself up but he wrapped his arms around me.
"But I love you, Ingrid."
I opened my mouth to talk, but I was speechless. My eyes grew larger and larger in pure shock. 
"No you don't Louis, you love Eleanor." He must be so confused. How much did he have to drink?
"I don't love Eleanor, I love you. Only you," he sighed, and looked deeply into my eyes. He removed one arm from around my waist and brought it to my face, gently tucking a piece of hair behind my ear.
I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, the sound of it pumping in my ears. I tried to speak but my mouth was dry and my head was numb. I looked into his eyes, they looked so sincere, but so sad. I reached my hand up and stroked his face, feeling his stumbled underneath my finger tips. He was so lovely, so delicate in the moonlight, but this was wrong, too wrong. 
"You have to go to sleep, Louis."
"Please don't leave me."
I could see the tears forming around his crystal blue eyes, his hand stroking the side of my face. His expression made me want to cry, and I could feel a lump in my throat forming. I reached and took the hand that was stroking my face, kissing it gently before setting it back down. 
"Follow me." I climbed out of the car and waited for Louis. Confused, he crawled out and slowly got to his feet. I took his hand into mine and guided him to the door, taking him quickly to his room before he did anything else. 
Once inside I turned on all the lights and dragged him to his bedroom.
"Lie down, Louis." I pointed to the bed, my other hand on my hip in an authoritative manor. Louis cocked his head to the side, raising one eyebrow. 
"It's not what you think. Now lie down."
Louis did as I said immediately, humming as he watched me from his bed. I moved to the foot of the bed and removed his shoes, setting them neatly on the floor. 
"Let me help you," Louis giggled, taking of his shirt. 
"No! Leave your shirt on!" 
"Too late." Louis had ripped his shirt off his body, exposing his perfectly toned stomach. His face beamed, but all I could focus on was his muscles. The urge to feel his abs was so strong I had to squeeze my hands into fists to distract myself. 
"Jump in, honey." He patted the bed, a smirk on his face.
Sighing, I pushed my hair out of my face, "We're not doing that." Why didn't he understand how bad this was? Why was he acting this way? 
"Oh fine," he pouted crossing his arms like an upset child. 
"You and Eleanor can do this another time, okay?" I assured him, trying to remind him of his girlfriend. I thought this would please him, but instead he groaned and squeezed a near by pillow.
"Why don't you understand?" He whispered under his breath.
"Understand what?"
He mumbled, his words so slurred I couldn't understand a thing he said.
"What's that, Louis?"
"I dated Eleanor to see you." Louis quickly started laughing, reaching for the bottle of alcohol on his bedside table. Before I could reach him, he took a long drink, hiccuping  after I snatched the bottle way from him. With the bottle out of reach, I turned to face Louis, not sure of how to deal with the situation.
"You don't mean these things, you're just drunk. You love Eleanor and she loves you. I'm just a friend." 
Louis rolled his eyes, "nope!" He yelled, exaggerating the 'p'. Before I could digest what he said he started singing again. 
"Be my baby, woah oh oh, and I'll look after you..."
I never knew Louis could sing, but his voice was beautiful even if he was drunk. I wanted to listen forever, but this needed to stop.
"Are we having a sleepover?!" Louis squealed, his words slightly slurred from the alcohol. 
"Not tonight," I whispered. Picking up his sheets off the floor, I laid them on top of him, tucking him in. 
"Goodnight, Louis." I kissed him on the cheek and started walking out the door.
"Ingrid?" I turned around to look at him.
"Please don't leave me," his voice cracked as the tears streamed down his face.
"I won't I promise, I'll be out on the couch. Okay?" I couldn't say no to him, he looked so sweet and he truly was having a rough night. I blew him a kiss and began walking out the door again, closing it behind me.
"Ingrid?" I could hear him through the door even though he whispered. I reopened it, slightly annoyed that he wouldn't just go to sleep.
"Yes Louis?" I pocked my head through the open door, staring at him. His eyes were closed and he was starting to breath slower. I waited for him to answer, but he said nothing. 
"Louis?" I repeated, hoping he would hear me this time. I waited, listening to his steady breathing. Impatient, I tiptoed to the edge of his bed and knelt down so I was level with him.
I gently pushed his hair away from his ear, feeling how soft it was. Leaning towards his ear I whispered, "what is it Louis?"
Without opening his eyes, he rolled on his side to face me. I held my breath as he sighed, opening his bright blue eyes. He sleepily kept them open, and took my hand placing it on his heart. "I wish you were mine."

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