A Magical First Love

*Harry Potter Fanfic*

I've known the Weasley family for as long as i've been alive. they even took me in when i had nowhere else to go, and we all go to Hogwarts together, but I have a secret that involves a Weasley boy should I tell him or just keep it to myself.


3. Giving love a chance

I've always loved Fred, and up until this point I always thought that him liking me was just some kind of practical joke,that him, and his brother came up with, because last week they were planning a big prank as well, and after they plan a prank they go straight into it, but Fred came over to me which made me doubt his feelings, and i shouldn't have done that.

A few minutes went by, and everyone left the common room except for me, and Fred,

When everyone left Fred sat on the couch closet to the fireplace, and i sat beside him.


"Fred i'm sorry i didn't mean to hurt you or leave like that"  

"well it happened you know if you didn't like me you could've just said so instead of having Jamie come. and bail you out!!!"

I did like him, and hearing those words he said hurt, but i wasn't gonna give up on him.

"Jamie wasn't to bail me out she really was looking for George"

"yeah,right" he said in a sarcastic tone, and then i kissed him, and as i was about to pull away he pulled me back, and made the kiss longer.


we weren't alone for long because Ariee,Ron,Jamie, and George came in,and in unison they all said "FINALLY".

that made Fred pull away and give them looks as if telling them to leave,but they didn't they just sat on the other couch, and i put my head on Fred's shoulder as he kissed my forehead,and whispered in my ear "I'll love you for forever".

Ariee, and Jamie must've heard that because they both awed after he said that.

we didn't stay in the common room long before we all went into our rooms, and went to sleep.


*The Next morning*

When i woke up the next day i went downstairs, and saw Fred standing there as if he were waiting for me to wake up, and he looked as if he was about to fall asleep as well, and so me and him sat on the couch together as we both fell asleep in each others arms.


We weren't asleep for long before i could feel us being awaken by someone,and when i opened my eyes I saw George,and he said

" my brother and i we've got big planning today" "oh for the big prank of yours"

"exactly", and then Fred woke up, and he gave me a kiss then went with George.

When they left i started walking through the halls, and i wasn't alone long before i bumped into Malfoy, and he said "Watch where your going will ya", and then he turned around, and he saw me and said

"oh Carrie i didn't know it was you" then he helped me up.

if your wondering why Draco is so nice to me well it's because we used to date , but i broke up with him when he started changing,and when i found out about who his father was working for, and his father was working for he-who-must not be named a.k.a Voldemort.

I walked away, and continued walking through the halls, and a few minutes later I saw Fred, and George out in the yard sitting on a bench then Fred turned around, and he saw, and he smiled.

A few minutes later Fred came over to me, and then he kissed me then said

"well the big prank planning is all finished"

"that's good"  "so why were you talking to Malfoy"

"oh it was just the usual get out of my way, and stuff"

"oh okay"

Fred never knew that i dated Malfoy cause we kept it a secret, and i'd never told Fred about him, and i wasn't really planning to tell him about my life with Malfoy, and the only one who ever knew about Malfoy was Jamie, and when she found out about it she got mad because Malfoy was always messing with her, and stuff due to the fact that she was Pure-blood who hanged around with the weasley's, but when we were dating he still messed with her,but not as much as he does now.








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