A Magical First Love

*Harry Potter Fanfic*

I've known the Weasley family for as long as i've been alive. they even took me in when i had nowhere else to go, and we all go to Hogwarts together, but I have a secret that involves a Weasley boy should I tell him or just keep it to myself.


10. Finding out who my real parents are

The Hogwarts family visit went well after the whole Malfoy Drama thing, but i think something must have gone wrong because Dumbledore asked to see me in his office this morning.

When i got to Dumbledore's office i hesitantly knocked on his door, and i heard him say to come in.

When i went inside i said "you wanted to see me Professor"

"yes we both know that for a while you've been an orphan"

"yes sir"    "well i found out who your real parents are or well parent"

"who" "now your mother went into hiding so we don't know who she is, but the bad news is who your father is"

"who is he sir?, and why is it so bad?"

"your father is Voldemort"       "what how is that even possible?"

"when he was human before he turned into who he is now he met your mother and they had you"

"does he know about me?"   "yes he does, and thats why you have to stay away from anyone connected to him"

"Malfoy and his family are connected to him does that mean they told him about me?"

"Possibly you should go, and remember what i said all right"

"yes professor" then i went to the common room, and on my way there i bumped into Fred.

"Hi Fred"   "Hey you okay"

"yeah i'm fine" "okay let's go dinners about to start"  "okay"

Then we went to dinner i couldn't tell Fred about what i just found out at least not yet, but i was scared about what might happen if he ever did find out.

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