Unexplainable Life

Life is difficult for Alpha Geist. Being in an orphanage. Being a MMA fighter and boxer. Being known as the Bradford Bad Girl or scene freak. Being a person who uses weapons for their amusement. She was never adopted for 2 years, but what happens when she is adopted? Will she be accepted? But the main question is who adopted her?


3. New Surprises

" Okay. Before any further questions, yes I did make that hole, yes I did this to all your posters and I want to know what you guys names are?" I quickly explained.





" And HARRY."

" What would you do if we adopted you?" Liam asked.

" I would say yes if you have a studio, training room, knives, archery, and anything related to boxing and MMA." I replied

" Well... WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!!!!" Louis exclaimed.

I grabbed my knife, flipped Louis onto his stomach and held the knife up to his neck.

" Rule 1: No screaming or someone is going to get hurt," I plainly explained.

I let Louis go and threw my knife absentmindedly at the wall and it hit louis' face on the poster.

" Now since Im part of your pack, clan thing. Whose my dad?" I questioned their authority.

" I will be your d-dad," Zayn stuttered.

I went up to him and check what he looked like to see if we could relate.

" Ello, dad," I happily said to Zayn and hugged him.

Zayn then hugged me back with a smile on his face.

~After packing my things~

I had all my clothes, all my stuff for my piercings, throwing knives and whatever else I had in my room.

I walked downstairs with 1 big duffle bag, a smaller duffle bag, and my throwing knifes hollster attached to my thigh.

"You are my little wolfie. You are now Alpha Geist Malik, wolfie," Dad said excitedly.

" I'm glad you adopted me. I'm able to practice without getting caught by Ms. 'Sassy-alley' over there," I chuckled whilst pointing to Ms. Berries at the desk typing away probably on some dating website.

~after the car ride~

We pulled up to this massive flat with a pool in the back is what I think I saw.

I jumped out of the car and started to climb a tree next to a window. When I had got to the room, it was my dream room. Black walls with neon paint splatters, posters of my favorite bands, MMA fighters and boxers.

It was everything I have dreamed of. I'm finally able to call a place home for once. I began to explore my room. I saw 2 doors that said which room is which. I was overwhelmed untill I heard a beeping from my phone.

From: Omega, Da Manager

Hay, Alpha. Tomorrow u have a boxing match @ 2 and a MMA match @ 5. See u @ 10 am

(A/N : Omega is a guy who helps Alpha with planning her training courses, matches, and bootcamps.)

To: Omega, Da Manager

Heyo, Omega. Thanx for telling me ahead of time. See ya @ 10 bro!!

I sent the message with eagerness. This will be my 12th boxing match and my 17th MMA match.

" DAD!!!! I HAVE TRAINING AT 10:00!!! BOXING MATCH AT 2:00!!!! AND MMA MATCH AT 5:00!!!" I yelled.

" ALRIGHT,WOLFIE!!!I'LL HAVE HARRY TAKE YOU!!" Dad yelled back probably surprised

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