Unexplainable Life

Life is difficult for Alpha Geist. Being in an orphanage. Being a MMA fighter and boxer. Being known as the Bradford Bad Girl or scene freak. Being a person who uses weapons for their amusement. She was never adopted for 2 years, but what happens when she is adopted? Will she be accepted? But the main question is who adopted her?


2. My 'Interview'

 Sitting all alone in my room listening to Guns 'N' Roses. Probably wondering what I'm doing. I'm practicing boxing, mixed martial arts, and throwing knives at my many torn, ripped 1D posters that I use for targets.
  I despise those 5 freaks. They ruined my friendship with my only scene friend, Onyx Graphite, but now she drools over them and it's disgusting.
  Well, right in mid throw of a knife, a curl haired guy comes in as the knife flies right past his head and hits the wall behind him.
 "What was that for? Are you trying to kill me?!?" Curly screamed.
  "I didn't try to kill you. I have a poster of these 5 guys that I use as a target," i replied as casually as possible.
   "Oh. So, who are those 5 guys?" Curly questioned.
   "One Direction. They ruined my social life!" I screamed as I threw my hardest punch at the wall with my fist going through the wall.
   "How dare you talk about my bandmates and I?!?!" Curly screamed.
  I looked him right into his emerald eyes with my golden orange ones that changed into a blood orange. I growled at him. He soon began to whimper. I just chuckled.
  " The name's Alpha Geist. What's your name, Curly?" I asked
   "Harry, Harry Styles." Harry replied.
   "Hazza, I heard screaming," sailor said.
  " Dont worry. Guys meet Alpha. Alpha meet the rest of 1D," harry replied.
   One Direction soon started to look around my room as their eyes fell onto me. I smirked eviliy at them as they saw the hole in the wall. They all looked as if they were going to ask a million questions.

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