Unexplainable Life

Life is difficult for Alpha Geist. Being in an orphanage. Being a MMA fighter and boxer. Being known as the Bradford Bad Girl or scene freak. Being a person who uses weapons for their amusement. She was never adopted for 2 years, but what happens when she is adopted? Will she be accepted? But the main question is who adopted her?


1. Prologue

  Life is unexplainable. People describe life as exciting, amazing, or spectacular. Unlike me, my life is an emotional, unexplainable rollercoaster.
  My life is full of hatred, misery and all those negative things. They are all hidden by a fake smile just so people seem satisfied that I'm okay and perfectly fine.
  The name's Alpha Geist. I know what you are going to say. "Who wants to name their kid after a leader of a wolf pack and after the suppose kitchen ghost?!?!" 
   So, I'm 13. I have dyed my hair to a bright red which makes my eyes stand out. My eye color is a golden orange. I'm somewhat a cutter , but I have very reasonable explainations.
   Im in an adoption center waiting to be adopted. I have snake bites, gauges, and septum piercings. I have 4 tattoos: a dragon on my arm ,which is noticable, a wolf on my back, a rose vine on my right arm, which is also noticable, and my motto : " Words arent promising. Learn the meaning behind them." Is on my lower back.
   Well enough of my description. Now on to why I'm in an adoption center. My parents abused me and my family kicked me out of the house at 11 years old. So, 2 miserable years here in this all girl orphanage a.k.a Blueberries' Orphange for girls. I'm originally from Bradford. I got the title of Bradford Bad Girl. Enough about me now onto my story.

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