Broken *Rated R/Y*

Lola the reject of the Thunderbolt pack and Omega. The Lowest of lowest of rank you can get in a pack. She's been abuse, sexually harassed and rape all because she could not change into her wolf yet. Her only hopes of getting a better future was to find her mate.
Her soul mate. But when she finds out that her mate is the 'to be' alpha Micheal jerk that rape and abuse her. She confronts him about it willing to give him another chance. But being the jackass he is he rejects her, and rapes her again only this time with his friends. That's when the tiny thread that was holding her back from running away snaps.
While Running away she accidentally trespassed the Greenwood pack and was taken hostage. Confuse, scared, hurt she gives up and fades away in the cell... She then meets sexy Alpha Zac for questioning... And when a spark of undeniable attraction flares goes off... Questions, Drama, and unexpected romance are ensured... for the future...
Please read!
*Warning:rape/mature content*


1. Snapping


Pain. Pain. No I can't even feel anymore.Not even pain. Numbness is all I can feel as I felt him pumping in and out of  me. Laughing with his friends who were standing next to him waiting for their turn to hurt me with their bodies. No tears came. Tears only provoke them to do more to hurt me. 

It will only give them more fun to see me in pain and fear. And giving them the satisfaction knowing that they hurt me was not a option. But I don't know how much longer I can hold. My life now is like a small thin thread. Dangerously close to snapping and releasing all the pain and sorrow that hides behind my fake facade. 

"You ugly ugly bitch. No one wants you! You only make a great fuck! HAHA! You worthless piece of shit." My attacker scream into my ears as he came into me spilling his seed inside of me. His friends mummers agreeing with him.  He pumps into me a few more time then took himself out of me and started to hand me over to his friends. 

"No..." I whisper... "I'm hurt enough... Your my mate why are you doing this..." He stops and held my wrist tightly with one hand.

"Because you are not perfect. My mate will not be some fat ass geek like you. MY mate will be a petty brunette who will do everything I ask for." He answers back. Not caring that his friends were listening to our conversation.

"I see you will choose someone base on their appearance... I pity you." I seethe through my teeth... I close my eyes.

This was it I'm done. I thought to my self.

I'm sick of everything I gave him a chance and with the chance I give him he took advantage of it. Humiliated me by piercing into my skin and writing the letter 'R' for rejected in front of the pack... Raping me till i was numb and then having his friends do me. This was it... I am done!

I clench my teeth tightly together and kick him in the family jewels. He fell to the ground and I took the moment of distraction and ran towards the window that was facing towards the forest and jumping out the window and into the forest. His friends in shock at what I did and stood there standing with their jaws open. 

Adrenaline pumping inside of me as I ran which in turn made me go faster and faster till I saw a river. I quickly dive into the water knowing they can't follow my scent for it would be lost since water can cover up scents.

I quickly swam across the river scarping my hands and feet on jagged rocks and boulders. When I finally made up to the other side of the bank, I ran across our territory boundary border and into another.

I was on my own now. A rogue...  I bit my lower lip as I walk... The adrenaline leaving me. 

I walk on for a couple of hours even though I was in pain and exhausted I kept walking and walking. Until i got to a clearing that was full of flowers and life. It was where I could see the moon shining brightly casting a ethereal look on the clearing/meadow. 

I quickly made my way to the small flat boulder that stood out and sat down. My mind and body fill with fatigued as I sat down on the boulder. I took a breath of fresh air and let my broken bloody body bathe in the moonlight. 

"Finally rest." I whisper up to the moon...As I slowly close my eyelids I snap them back up when I heard the vicious growl.

 "GRRR!" As the growl rang through forest... I sigh and close my eyes... Tightly.... And clench and un-clench my hand into a fist.

I spoke too soon...


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