Broken *Rated R/Y*

Lola the reject of the Thunderbolt pack and Omega. The Lowest of lowest of rank you can get in a pack. She's been abuse, sexually harassed and rape all because she could not change into her wolf yet. Her only hopes of getting a better future was to find her mate.
Her soul mate. But when she finds out that her mate is the 'to be' alpha Micheal jerk that rape and abuse her. She confronts him about it willing to give him another chance. But being the jackass he is he rejects her, and rapes her again only this time with his friends. That's when the tiny thread that was holding her back from running away snaps.
While Running away she accidentally trespassed the Greenwood pack and was taken hostage. Confuse, scared, hurt she gives up and fades away in the cell... She then meets sexy Alpha Zac for questioning... And when a spark of undeniable attraction flares goes off... Questions, Drama, and unexpected romance are ensured... for the future...
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*Warning:rape/mature content*


2. Meeting the triplets


"Finally rest." I whisper up to the moon...As I slowly close my eyelids I snap them back up when I heard the vicious growl.

 "GRRR!" As the growl rang through forest... I sigh and close my eyes... Tightly.... And clench and un-clench my hand into a fist.

I spoke too soon...


Lola's P.O.V.

Three huge male size brown wolves came out of the other side of the forest and into the clearing surrounding me making sure I had no escape. I sigh. 

"I just can't escape can I... Not from hell nor heaven." I whisper softly to them looking into their eyes. Their ears twitch at the sound of my voice. Baring their teeth and growling at me all three males shift. Leaving them naked and bare for all to see. What surprise me was that they look like the exact copy of each other. Blond hair, Hazel eyes,tan lean skin, and same 8-pack body build... Triplets... They look so familiar though... Damn I just can't figure out why... My train of thought was cut off as soon as I heard their voices.

"What are you doing here? A rogue? What's you name? What are you doing here?" All three of them ask at once. Not letting me answer but spitting out the questions like rapid fire. I held my hand up to make them stop talking, and said,

"I was merely r-rresting I won't be a problem I-II promise. Y-Yes I guess I am now aren't I...L-LLola's my name and to ans-" My vision started to cloud with black before I could answer all three men question... Falling onto the ground sideways, the last thing I heard before I fell into a unconscious state was "Lets take her to the cells that are in the basement of the packhou-..." 

I was doomed...


One of the triplets P.O.V. :Jacob

My brothers and I was out patrolling are grounds when we came to across a unknown scent. It was the scent of a un-shifted wolf. A rogue! Even though it has not shifted it can become potentially dangerous so we need to eliminate it when it is not a threat... It was for the pack's safety and the best to get rid of pesky rouges. 

We all race to the flower meadow so that we can eliminate the target... Adrenaline pump through my system as I ran and race my brother to the meadow. But when we got there to the meadow. I was disappointed it was female. Which would mean ask question first and kill later... Awww...

Myself and my brothers ran into position surrounding her so that she couldn't run away from us. That's when I heard her whisper "I just can't escape can I... Not from hell nor heaven.".

'What the hell is she talking about?' James ask through are links as he bared his teeth at her.

'How should I know? Man literature is not my subject!' I told my brother in 'duh' tone. While I growled at her showing her all my sharp pointy teeth warning her to not make any sudden moves or it will cost her.

'Maybe she went through something bad? I mean look at her she look abused... dirty...and rape...' John said through our mind links. I mentally rolled my eyes at John, He was always sentimental one in our group... 

'John maybe it's a trap to lower are guard down or something. You know like a spy or something like that of sorts.'  I voice in his head.

'Really then why does she have a rejected mark on her that looks fresh? Huh!' He replied in a haughty tone. 

'What ever...Let's shift and ask her some questions.' I mutter inside my head refusing to believe in his theory. You can call that male pride...

'Okay lets shifted then.' James said popping out of nowhere.

'Okay on the count of three. One, Two, THREE!' I shouted through our mind link just to annoy them.

We all shifted and went to stand in-front of her not caring if she saw our HUGE prized possession as male species.

Although her gaze didn't drop lower then our stomach. She took her time observing us looking wary and tired. But i didn't care about that I needed answers. So all three of us started to ask her questions,"What are you doing here? A rogue? What's you name? What are you doing here?".

She held her hand up and we all shut up,waited, and stared at her to answer the questions. 

In a tiny whispery voice she told us, "I was just r-rresting I won't be a problem I-II promise. Y-Yes I guess I am now aren't I and...M-my name is L-LLola's  and to ans-". 

Just as she was about to answer our last question she black out and fell sideways. All of us sigh at the same time but James broke the sigh and said "Lets take her to the cells that are in the basement of the pack house and in the mourning we will have alpha question her."

"Okay then who's carrying her?" I ask... A moment of awkward silence pass between us... 

"Uhh.. Lets rock, paper, scissor this thing!" John suggested... I nodded agreeing with him. 

"Let's do this! Oh by the way rock, paper, scissor is soooo my thing so get ready to lose." James said  while pumping his arm up into the air and kissed his fist.

I just shrugged and smirk. 'Sure sure what ever.' I said through our mind link. We all got into our position and scream,"ROCK! PAPER! SCISSOR!" I look down at all of our hands to see that I had rock so did John, but James... He had scissor's... 

John and I roared in laughter as we ran towards the pack house leaving James to carry the 'Lola' girl.

Ahh this was much better than expected. Ditching your brother and bring down his over confidence was a blast! 


James P.O.V.

"Arrgg this is what I get for being cocky..." I mumble to myself as I lean down to pick the girl Lola up. 

I then heard her whimper,"Please don't hurt me. Please! Please! No HELP ME!" I hesitate as I pulled her up and carried her bridal style. Careful to avoid touching her wounds and scars. For a girl she sure is light. I mentally cringe at what she been through as I see the moon illuminate her scars...

"Shh It's alright baby girl... Your safe now..." I whisper to her soothingly. She tensed up and then slowly relax... Unconsciously she whispers, "Really?". I just "mmmh." her and started to walk back to the pack house. 

It's going to be a long day tomorrow.


So this is my second chapter of the DAY! I wanted to give you a little something more to go off on with the story soo yeah. :) How is the story? Do you like it so far? Thank you for reading it! 

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