Broken *Rated R/Y*

Lola the reject of the Thunderbolt pack and Omega. The Lowest of lowest of rank you can get in a pack. She's been abuse, sexually harassed and rape all because she could not change into her wolf yet. Her only hopes of getting a better future was to find her mate.
Her soul mate. But when she finds out that her mate is the 'to be' alpha Micheal jerk that rape and abuse her. She confronts him about it willing to give him another chance. But being the jackass he is he rejects her, and rapes her again only this time with his friends. That's when the tiny thread that was holding her back from running away snaps.
While Running away she accidentally trespassed the Greenwood pack and was taken hostage. Confuse, scared, hurt she gives up and fades away in the cell... She then meets sexy Alpha Zac for questioning... And when a spark of undeniable attraction flares goes off... Questions, Drama, and unexpected romance are ensured... for the future...
Please read!
*Warning:rape/mature content*


5. Connected

"Alpha! Alex is awake again and he's crying really hard and won't stop no matter what we do! Your parents are on vacation in the Bahama's and we-e don't know how to stop him from crying! We need help! All of the women went shopping in New York and won't be back fro a few days!"




Zac Pov

I let out a loud sigh and ran my hand through my hair. Feeling another headache coming, I stood up and walk to the rogue, trying to look as menacing as i could be and said,

"Don't even think of escaping." 

The rogue look down and smiled a bitter smile. 

"Wouldn't even think of it." 

I nodded my head and walk out the room to the crying little boy. The mysterious little boy that was in the forest by the river, alone... 



"Alpha Zac! Alpha Zac! Come look what I found!" Shouted Abby, a bubbly six year old. 

Smiling slightly I nodded and followed the ever so enthusiastic girl and followed her out back to the woods and to the river. After a while the river came into view. Abby still in the lead, led me to a sack of blanket by the clear river and then proceeded to get rid of the blankets that covered a small lump and that small lump turn to be a baby boy... I went to pick up the baby and then the beautiful baby boy... suddenly covered me...

A Alpha...



How nice...

*end of flashback*

Grimacing at my last encounter with the little boy I slowed my steps and slowly made my way towards the room of doom... Hopefully the last incident...

Won't repeat itself...


Lola's POV

The cries of the little boy intensified.

A voice popped inside into my head and roared,"My baby... My child... crying.. sad... No!" 

I let out a high pitch scream, feeling intense pain piercing through my body. Darkness slowly cloud my vision . But before the world went black... I saw a beautiful baby boy with tear stain cheeks... stroking my own cheek. 

'At least... I saw something beautiful before I was released from the grip of mortality.' I thought.

'We are not going to die yet child! Rest... I will wake you later... For now sleep' A soothing voice said to me.

And with that, I embraced the darkness that surrounded me. 



How have you guys been! I been gone so long, sorry!! But I hope you like this short short chapter. LoL i try to update as soon as I can. This time i promise you the update will come sooner than it did this time! 


with lots of love,



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