Alyze Grey's whole life changes from living a shit hole to living in a place where girls would Do ANYTHING for their teachers ,the teachers show more affection than neccesary to their students,and some would kill to be in Alyze's spot if they found her fate there. But All from the start Alyze knew there was something strange there...

Find out how Alyze's life turns out in the All-girl boarding school she is put in at thinking its the best thing that has ever happened to her. Some things are just better the way they are..


1. Something strange...


   Cast -

Alyze ( Ah-leh-say ) Grey                                            Harry styles

Lexi miller                                                                       Zayn Malik

Violet Fere                                                                       Niall Horan

Liam Payne                                                                      Louis Tomlinson

 - for now , might be more added.

    -Alyze's Perspective -

"Alyze ! Time for school ! Hurry up." I hear my mother shout as I start waking up. Yeah thanks for the early wake up -.- 

I quickly get up and head for the shower. I'm already running late ,so I don't waste any  time. I just want to get out of here already , I've never been this anxious to get somewhere before. I am a bit nervous though, seriously I am not a bit happy about going to an all girl private school. Way too many girls. Not enough boys. At all. As I get out of the shower I slip on my uniform. A navy plaid skirt , a white button down and navy wool blazer, and a tie. But since I don't know how to tie it I decide on knotting it around like a scarf. Lastly I put on my Toms and examine myself in the mirror. My whole uniform fit small. I looked like a complete slut. But I'd need to ask for one at school today since they are the ones who gave it to Me. I decide on curling my red hair , And after I'm done I wait a few minutes for my wand to heat down and I put it in my book bag along with my straightner and head of to the car , where my mom is waiting for me. Wow seems like she likes the idea of getting rid of me as Much as I do if not more. So much love don't  you think ? 

  I had already took my bags which carried the rest of my belongings to the school yesterday when I went for my uniform so it was already tooken care of.

As soon as I arrive my stomach starts churning. Calm down Alyze. You'll be fine, Its only school remember ? You dont care ,you've always been fine. Then again something feels weird...

As soon as I get off my mom speeds off. Love you too ! Note the sarcasm. My mother never want me. And I knew it, I was fine with it. I didnt need her either way. My whole life I had to earn the money to live off of myself. Whatever i had to do to survive. My mom didn't work, she spent the whole day drinking and smoking , every night a new guy in her bed, my dad wasn't there, for all I knew he could be dead. But honestly I didn't give a damn. The only reason my mother accepted to sending me to a boarding school is because we were both better of that way, as long as she didn't have a bother in her life she was fine with it. I'm not sure how she was able to pay for it though. Must of been some guy there for her to do a favor for. (Slut) But whatever , As long as I'm away from her, I thank god for this. Except I never agreed to be in an All GIRL boarding school In the middle of nowhere. she knew that by sending me to a normal boarding school she would be doing me an amazing favor so she chose an all girl one. I don't have anything against girls' but sometimes they're just too much drama , so I like having a guy to hang out with , seems like I won't be counting on that anymore... 

"Are you going in ? Hello ?" I snap out of my thoughts as someone waves there hands in my face. Its a girl. Not surprised. But I notice she's tall, around my height. She has brown straight hair and green emerald eyes. And high cheekbones. Reminds me of Victoria Justice.

"Oh , yeah I am. " I respond to her as I stare at the huge building infront of me . I've been here before.. but I never noticed how amazing it was. I turn around as I hear her snicker. " Can you be live only 25 we'll now 26 students go here . " 

" seriously ?" 

"Yeah. Its huge right ?" 

I nod."Hell yeah, I was thinking maybe more like 500 kids came here."

" Yeah, so come on I'll take you to the head ,masters office to get you room key and all." She offers, and o nod. Following after her.

"I'm lexi by the way." Hmm lexi, that's decent.

" I'm Alyze ."  I say as we walk through the fancy brown wooden door, lexi nods letting me know she heard . She leads me up to a door much like the ones we passed except this one has a sign which clearly reads " head master " She knocks and a male husky voice answers "come in." 

We go in and are greeted by a man with curls and very green eyes. Honestly he's pretty hot, he doesn't even seem to be that much older./maybe in his early 20's possibly. 

"Mr. Styles this is Alyze ." Says lexi.

"Oh yes. Welcome Ms. Grey , I've been waiting for your arrival." I just nod. "You may be dismissed Ms. Shay." Lexi quickly does as she is told, leaving me alone with him.

"Come here love, i don't bite. " I go over closer to his desk, feeling the goose bumps more and more with every step. Its weird because I'm not shy or anything with anyone , until now. There's something strange about this place... I can feel It ..




End of chapter one c: did ya'l like it ? Let me know guys,I'd love to get some feedback, what did you like, what did up u think I can improve on ? Anything guys ! C: I promise it will get better ! C; I'm sure you like it.



Oh and all credit to the book which I think is called inception for the uniform outfit idea I thought it was perfect for this but all/credit to the author for that idea ! Thanks for reading guys !

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