Alyze Grey's whole life changes from living a shit hole to living in a place where girls would Do ANYTHING for their teachers ,the teachers show more affection than neccesary to their students,and some would kill to be in Alyze's spot if they found her fate there. But All from the start Alyze knew there was something strange there...

Find out how Alyze's life turns out in the All-girl boarding school she is put in at thinking its the best thing that has ever happened to her. Some things are just better the way they are..


2. Clarity and confusion

"Take a seat love." I do as told. 

"So at this school we only admit 25 students that being due to the availability of the teachers , but you my dear , we knew we just had to let you in." Why is he telling me this ? .... am I supposed to feel special or something...? As silence takes over I take that as my cue to get my self to speak," Yeah thanks sir that's very nice of you. I promise you won't regret letting me in." As i spoke i kept swinging my feet back And forth and also bit on my lip, Now I'm worried on how I was able to get in here... 

"Don't call me sir love, call me Mr. Styles ,I'm not much older than you after all." I knew it.  

"Now here is your schedule. And your room is #64. You will share with ms.Shay who've you've already met, And Ms. Fere . I'm sure you will all get along great. " I nod as I take my schedule and room key. "Thank you." 

As I'm about to leave I hear him speak. " come here for a second love ." He motions for me to stand next to his desk and I reluctantly make my way over . Without talking he calmly stands up and at first I have no clue what he's up to , until he reaches to my neck and I realize. He's fixing my tie. And I can't help but blush . One: were only inches away. Two: I feel stupid for not knowing how to tie a tie. .-.

"There you go babe . Now go on ,or you'll miss breakfast. Hope you like it here love. I'll be seeing you later ." As he finishes my tie I start on my way out . I don't know what's weirder, the fact ,that He just called me babe. Or the fact that I kinda liked it...I swear I feel very akward right now.

To my luck , I find lexi out side of his office.

"So how'd it go ?"

"Err..Good..? Somewhat weird ?" Im not even sure myself on how to answer her, I swear it shouldn't of gone that way.

"You'll get used to it." That simple ? How does someone just say that ? What does she mean ? Is this normal here ?What the hell is wrong with this place ? And how the hell is this a legal school?! I'll never let that one go. "Huh ? Care to explain that a bit better ? "

Trust me you'll see for yourself today most likely in class, that what just happened is not nearly as weird as you think ." Again, no explanation. I decided to just let it slide for right now and change the subject, because did I really want to know anything ? " so I was told were roommates. " 

"Oh in that case I'll show you to our room." 

We go up all the way to apparently the last floor ,which is the seventh floor and thank god they have an elevator , one thing I love. In that floor the is a huge living room I believe as soon as we get off the elevator . Lexi says that To the right there are three rooms to the left two and one being the bathroom. She leads me up stairs and there is five more rooms. Apparently one being our room. And The rest just 'extras.' She unlocks the door to our room and I see a huge room with three beds come into view. Its neat and huge the walls are painted a light purple except for  one which is some reddish Sort of  colour.And beautiful designs. Its amazing ! 

"Wow this is freaking amazing !" I exclaim ,as I take in the view.

"Isn't it ?" Lexi agrees,"its the biggest room out of them all . Except for well besides Harry's who is the headmaster, Liam's, Niall's , zayn's and Louis' ."

"I got the Harry part. But who are they ? And..why are those boys names ?" I ask , actually I think I may have an idea but I'm not sure.

"Those are our teachers ."

"Mind repeating that again ?"

"All our teachers here, are guys. AND, there is only four. AND, they're young. But don't fall for them ." 

All of a sudden this is all so clear. No wonder others not so many students. And I have a weird feeling that them being young and all is why its only girls. They COULD ,hire more teachers. They have money, they have room . But they don't...

"Makes sense why its so limited." 

"Yeah. They're is only six students in each room, Seven in one of them, and now seven in another one as well. "

"How is this even a school ...?" I ask, And she just shrugs it off. At that moment a short red head comes out of one of the doors . 

"Violet this is Alyze, Alyze this is Violet ." Lexi introduces us ,while pointing at each of us.

"Hi" we both say simultaneously .

"So your going to be attending this school right ?" She gives me a warm smile , And I can tell she's really nice.

"Yeah ."

"Yay, a new friend ! I'm sure you'll like it here ! " I can tell by the look in her eye that she doesn't mean what she said, About me liking it here. As if being in this room isn't good.




Hey guys so this is what the room looks like except bigger with 3 beds. 

Well hope you guys liked it if you did like,comment,or fav c:


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