Not loved

This is a story about a girl who grew up without her father now she is 14 years old and doesnt have a mom anymore. She lives with her aunt and uncle who are expecting a baby girl. What does she do. She knows she has a brother but she doesn't know where he went until one day when she walked home from school and him and his best 4 mates where sitting in the living room.. What happens next... Read to find out


2. Going to school

Abby's POV 

I woke up to the sound of my alarm playing 'Vida la Vida ' by Cold play

i got up and got dressed into the outfit above.( get on a computer so u can see it)

i got dressed in this because i have gym today.

*at school*

"ABBY OVER HERE!!!!!!" I heard somebody scream 

pick turned around to see Leslie and Mary 

"hey guys what's up?" I asked

"I have some bad news..."  Mary my other friend said

"And what would that be?" I asked

"Ummm.... Abby I hate to say this but your brothers home and all of his friends are too...." Leslie said

they knew i was mad at him for leaving and not contacting me

"oh... Hey Les can i stay at your place tonight please.." I asked

"of course both of you can all weekend sleepover!!!" She yelled we started getting nasty looks from the popular kids

"YOU GOT A PROBLEM FIX IT!!" I yelled at them


"Okay so this is the plan. We go home then we go To Leslie's house and stay there." I said to them

"Okay cool"Leslie said

"Okay see you soon" Mary said


Aunt.Kelly im home! I yelled.

"Okay sweetheart come in here for a minute" She said from the living room

I went into the living room and suddenly regretted it.

"ABBY!" Louis yelled

he got up and gave me a hug but i pushed him away

"Aunt.Kelly can I sleepover at Leslie's this weekend" I asked

" ummm... sure if that's okay with her parents go ahead" she said

i turned to go upstairs when i heard one of Louis friends say

"Dude I don't think your sister likes us"

I turned back around and said

" I never said I didn't like you I just don't like Louis!"

And with that I went upstairs to go pack for this weekend.






















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