Not loved

This is a story about a girl who grew up without her father now she is 14 years old and doesnt have a mom anymore. She lives with her aunt and uncle who are expecting a baby girl. What does she do. She knows she has a brother but she doesn't know where he went until one day when she walked home from school and him and his best 4 mates where sitting in the living room.. What happens next... Read to find out



Louis POV

"Dude I don't think your sister likes us" Liam said

Abby turned around and said

" I never said I didn't like you I just don't like Louis!"

And than ran upstairs

"Aunt.Kelly why is she mad at me?" I Asked

"Sweetheart shes mad because you never showed up for your mothers funeral, You never came for her birthday,You never contacted her,And you never showed up when she went to the hospital when she got diagnosed with cancer." She said

"SHE HAS CANCER!!!" I yelled

"Dont yell your stressing the baby.Yes she has cancer.Brest cancer."she said tearing up

"Why didnt you call me." I asked

"I did your manager said you where on tour and couldnt talk." she said trying not to cry

"I think im going to go make some tea would you like any boys.?"

"Yes please" Liam and Harry said

" Okay boys make yourself at home but dont bother Abby please she has been very stressed lately" Aunt.Kelly said before walking away

"what have I done." I said falling onto the couch






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