Dreams Do Come True.

Alex was just another ordinary 15yr girl who sat in her room on the computer. She always had little fantasy's in her head about Niall Horan. She always imagined them in a relationship and madly in love with each other. She new it would never happen but still smiled about it. But does one new day change her life when he catches her eyes at a concert. Does true love have an age limit... We'll see..


3. Uh Oh And Thank You.

"Alex..." Karen said. "Yeah..?" I said kind of confused. "I havent told my mom about the concert..." She said worried.
Dont get me wrong, I love Karens mom. She is like my second mom. But she does get a little upset at times. So we did get scared to asks her mom.
"Uh oh....Well we have to ask her." I said. "I know, well we are going back to my house for the weekend, so we can ask her when we get there." She said. "Alright." I said.
Our routine is that Karen stays at my house for a week, and I stay at her house for the weekened. We switch it up every week.
"What are we going to do at your house?" I asked. "Watch tv and eat.. Stalk One direction." she said laughing. "Hah. Alright, if we do anything special, we can just walk to my house to get anything fancy." I said while packing some sweats. "Sounds good." 
Ever since Karen and I met, we would go to each others house constantly because she lived in the neighborhood before mine.
"Bye mom. bye dad!" I yell as Im walking out the door. "Bye!" They yell back.
As we were walking to Karens house, we saw her brother coming back from Circle K.
"Hey losers." He says to us. "Hey faggot." I say seriously. 
As we were almost to the door, Karen grabbed his chips and I grabbed his drink and we ran up to her room. We locked the door and finished everything.
"I hate you guys!" Jose yells. "Whatever!" We say back laughing.
"Where is your computer?" I ask. "Uhm it should be in the bottom drawer on the right." She says back while looking at her ipod.
"Wait! where is your mom?" I asked her. "Probably making dinner. Lets go talk to her." She said 
As we were going downstairs I dropped my phone and it made one of the loudest noise ever. Her mom came over to make sure we were okay.
"Are you okay!? what happened!?" She asked worried. "Its all good, I just dropped my phone." I said laughing. "Oh how youre quite the child." She said smiling.
When Karens mom went back to the kitchen, I whispered to Karen.
"Ask your mom.." I said. "Okay." She said nervously . 
"Hey mom..." Karen said with a scared face. "Whats up honey bunch?" She said  "Alex,her mom, and I have tickets to a One Direction concert in a couple weeks down in Utah. I was wondering if I can go.." She said nervously. "Honey, of course you can go.." She said with a smile on her face. 
"Really?! Thank you so much mom!!!" She said as she went to hug her mom. I decided to go in and hug her too.
"Im so glad she said yes." Karen said as we were going up the stairs. "Me too." I said smiling 
We stayed in her room the rest of the night watching Tv and watching One Direction videos. We sang to their songs in our pajamas and danced around her room all night. We went downstairs to get some food and get her dogs. Taco, Emmy, and Sparky were just the dogs to cuddle with at night. We watched movies and ate. We finally decided to knock out and head to bed. We were prepared to start a new day without shame. 
"Good night loser." She said while giving me a cheesy kiss on the cheek. "Goodnight faggot." I said pushing her off the bed. Finally we decided to pass out and sleep out the day..

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