Dreams Do Come True.

Alex was just another ordinary 15yr girl who sat in her room on the computer. She always had little fantasy's in her head about Niall Horan. She always imagined them in a relationship and madly in love with each other. She new it would never happen but still smiled about it. But does one new day change her life when he catches her eyes at a concert. Does true love have an age limit... We'll see..


16. Show In LA.

I woke up very early for some reason. I saw Karen awake too. Jennifer always sleeps in for hours. Karen and I went down to the lobby and asked where the breakfast was being served. "How was your sleep?" Karen asked grabbing some coffee. "Pretty good. Yours?" I asked while putting cream cheese on my bagel. "Good." She said grabbing her bagel and coffee and heading towards a table. I followed with my food in my hands. "Awh, Harry and Jenny are so cute." I said taking a sip of my coffe. Karen nodded as she took a bite of her bagel. "I dont want to go back home. Even though there is a couple more months left." She said with a sad face. I just looked at her and took a sip of my coffee. "Whats wrong..??" She said. She knew something was up. "Nothing." I said. "Alex, tell me."  She said looking at me with a serious face. "Well, a couple days ago, I told Niall that I didnt want to go home. And he had an idea." I said biting my bagel. "Which was..?" Karen said using her napkin. "To move in with him." I said really fast. "WHAT!" Karen whispered shouted. I just shrugged my shoulders. "I asked my mom- my mom! She never gave me an answer. Its obviously going to be a no." I said shrugging my shoulders. I texted my mom anyways. Shes always awake around this time anyways. It was about to be 8. 

Me: Morning mommy.
Mom:Morning honey
Me:How did you sleep?
Mom:Pretty good? What about you?
Me:Pretty good.
Mom:Thats good. So what did you need.
Me:Did you make up your mind about what I asked you.
Mom:Alex, I dont know how that would work. I mean your school, your shopping, etc. sorry honey. But no. You cant move to England.
Me: ): Okay
Mom: Sorry honey. Well I have to go. Love you. Bye
Me:Love you too. Bye.

Karen came back from the bathroom. "What did she say?" Karen asked sitting back down. I just nodded my head and shrugged my shoulders. "Im sorry.." Karen said getting up and giving me a hug. "We should go back upstairs." I said. "Okie." Karen said in a squeaky voice and ran to the elevator. We got up to the room and everyone was awake they were just watching tv. "Morning boys." Karen and I said. "Good morning." Zayn and Niall said smiling. "Im going to shower" I said. 
I got out of the shower and changed into a thick cardigan, leggings, a tank top and my red converse. I already did my make up and waved my hair. Karen then took a shower. She wore a romper, combat boots, some makeup, and threw her hair into a topknot. Zayn took a shower and then Niall took a shower. We were all ready. Except Louis,Liam,Jennifer, and Harry. "Man, I miss this place." I said looking out the window. "Well we are going to be here for a couple more days." Niall said wrapping his arms around my waist. "You smell good." He whispered in my ear. "You smell good too." I whispered back. "Hey, no no no, not today." Karen said, she was copying that one Geico commercial. Karen and Zayn were cuddling on the bed and watching tv. "Shut up." I told her. "Dont tell my lovely girlfriend to shut up." Zayn said giving me a rasberry. "Merp." I said to him laughing. He just smiled. "Where did you guys go earlier" Niall asked us. "To get breakfast." Karen said getting her ipod. "Oh." Zayn said taking Karens ipod away and putting it in his pocket "Heyyyy." She said giving Zayn puppy eyes. He just nodded his head. Karen rolled her eyes and smiled at him. "Im going to wake the rest up." I said walking out the door. "Wait, Lets all go." Zayn said getting up the bed. We all went and opened the door to their room. "Ready?" Karen whispered. We all nodded. "AHHHHHH"' WE all shouted jumping on each bed. "AH!" Louis said scared. He shot up with his eyes wide open. The rest woke up but went back to sleep. "GET UP!" We repeatedly did this. "WE'RE UP!!" Jennifer shouted while getting out of bed. We went back to our room. After a while, the boys and Jennifer came to our room. We were all just talking. Hours passed and it was around 3:30. "Lets go eat.." Liam said getting up and calling Paul. We all got up and went outside of the room. Paul and the security were already outside of the room. "Ready?" Paul asked. "Yeap." Jennifer said. We went outside and there was some paps. They asked so many questions about us. But we all ignored it. Karen,Jennifer, and I were seriously all over the internet every single day. "Sorry guys.." Louis said helping us in the van. "Its fine." Jennifer said, but she was kind of shaking. Harry noticed. He went over to her and had her sit on his lap. He had his arms around her trying to calm her down. "Sh, its okay." Harry whispered to her while rubbing her back. After a while, we were all back to normal. "Lets go to Chilies!'' Liam said excited. "Okay aha." Paul said. We got to chilies and got seated at our table. "Hello, can I start you off with some drinks?" The waiter said. We ordered out drinks and they came within 2 minutes. "Are you ready to order?" He asked us. We all said yes. We ordered our food and were chatting. "So, how is this going to work..?" Jennifer said. "What?" Louis asked. "Where are we going to sit at the concert and stuff..?" Jennifer asked. "We just enter through the back door and help them get ready , and when they go on stage, we just hangout in the back." I said playing with my fingers. Niall grabbed my hand and held it on the table. "Oh.." Jennifer said taking sip from drink. "Ill have some of that." Harry said taking her cup and drinking some of her dr.pepper. "Hey!" Jennifer said laughing. Harry was just smiling. "Here comes our comida." Niall said getting all excited. "Thank you." Zayn said. The waiter nodded and left. "Eat your vegetables." I told the boys. "Noooo" Louis said with a pouty. He smiled in matter of second. We all turned to see Eleanor and Danielle walking towards the table. Liam and Louis got up and  gave their girlfriends a kiss. We all scooted over so that Eleanor and Danielle can squeeze in. "Hi girls." They both said while giving Karen and I a hug. "Who is this gorgeous girl?" Danielle said while taking a sip out of Liams drink. "This is Je-" Louis was cut off by Harry. "This is my girlfriend Jennifer." Harry said while smiling at Danielle. Danielle and Eleanor were smiling and greeting Jennifer while the rest of us gave him the speechless face. "When did this happen mate?" Zayn asked. "Last night." Jennifer said smiling slightly. Harry kissed her cheek. We were all still speechless but then we smiled. We proceeded with our food. We got done eating but then started talking. "So does this always happen?" I asked. "What?" Niall said grabbing my water. "Any where you go, the people who work there. They dont overreact?" I asked stealing my water again. Niall was trying to fight back for it.  "Most of the time." Liam said smiling and grabbing Danielles hand. It was around 5:00. "We should go to the arena." Eleanor said getting up. "Yes we should." Louis said getting up after her and grabbing her waist. We got outside where Paul and the security where. There was paps around and they were shouting so many things. But Niall stopped when he heard one that he didnt like. "NIALL WHY ARE YOU DATING AN ORDINARY UGLY GIRL!?" One of them shouted. Niall turned around and was walking towards him. I was trying to hold him back and same with Paul. "YOU ASSHOLE! SHE IS NOT UGLY!" Niall was shouting. The paparazzi got scared and he stopped taking pictures and he automatically left. "Lets go." I said to Niall. He grabbed my hand and I lead him to the van with the others. Every one else were pretending that none of that didnt happen. We got to the arena. " MERP!" I said running to through the empty stadium. Niall ran after. "Come here!" He said as he grabbed my arm and pulled me into him. We were just laughing. "Hey! Keep it PG." Danielle said laughing as Liam was grabbing her waist and pulling her in for a kiss. "Says you!" Eleanor said laughing. Louis wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. He kissed her cheek. "AH!" Karen screamed as Zayn picked her up in a piggy back. Jennifer was sitting on Harry's lap up in one of the empty seats just talking to each other. "I bet, I run the fastest out of everyone.." Louis said winking. "Doubt it." Niall said. "Lets race then." Louis said. Niall,Zayn,Louis, and Liam all lined up and waited for Eleanor to say go. "GO!" Eleanor shouted. They all ran. Harry and Jennifer were just watching us cheering. "Yeah Louis!!" Harry was shouting. "Niall!!" I shouted. Danielle was cheering for Liam and Karen was cheering for Zayn. Jennifer was cheering for Liam too. And of course Eleanor was cheering for Louis. "Ah!!!" Liam was shouting as he was trying to slow down. "LIAM IS THE WINNER!!!" He shouted. We all clapped. "Your turn." Louis said while sitting down. "Us!?" Jennifer shouted. "Yeah!"Zayn said. "I dont like to run.." I said smiling. "Oh come on!" Louis said. "Well its time for you guys to warm up, so lets go." Danielle said winking at me. I just mouthed 'Thank you' before laughing. "So where do we go?" I asked. "The back room..." Liam said. "Liam. This isnt Utah. Its not the same." I said smiling. "Oh yeah...." He said embarrassed. "Paul, where do we have to go?" I asked. "I dont know. Let me ask." He said while asking someone who works there. "Over here." Paul said guiding all of us. We walked in and there was some food there. "FOOD!!!!" Jennifer and I screamed. Karen just rolled her eyes before smiling and walked to get some food. After a couple minutes, the boys had to go on stage. We each gave our lovely boyfriends a kiss and wished them luck. "So how was your guys' day?" Danielle asked Jennifer,Karen, and I. "Pretty good." I said. Jennifer and Karen nodded in agreement. "How about yours?" Jennifer asked Danielle and Eleanor. "Pretty good." They both said. "We now have time to hangout." Eleanor said smiling. We all talked for hours and had an amazing time. Eleanor took out her phone, and took so many pictures of all of us and made videos. "We're back." Louis said nearly out of breath. "Here babe.'' Eleanor said handing him a water bottle. He nodded while drinking it. We gave the rest of them water as well. I was sitting on the couch while the boys were still coming in. "Where's Niall?" I asked the boys. "He went to the bathroom." Liam said while putting his hands around Danielle's waist from behind and giving her a kiss on the cheek. "So what did you guys do?" Louis asked sitting down. We all just laughed. "Girl stuff." I said while pouring my self some tea they prepared in there. "What does that stand for?" Niall said while wrapping his arms around my waist. "You wouldnt understand." I said winking at him and sat back down. He sat down next to me and he put my legs over his. "How were the girls?" Zayn asked plopping down next to Karen and wrapping his arms around her. "Lets just say that I want to hangout with them again." Danielle said smiling. "As do I." Eleanor said smiling. Harry and Jennifer were just cuddling and listening to the conversation. After about ten minutes, Paul came in and said that we needed to get to the bus to get to the hotel. " Bye Dani, bye El!" Karen, Jennifer, and I said while giving them a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Bye babe, Ill text you." Louis said giving Eleanor a kiss. "By hun. Ill see you later." Danielle said giving Liam a kiss. I was so focused on them that I didnt even notice everyone else was on the bus. "Come on young lady!" Niall said as he sweeped me up and carried me to the bus. "Im going to change." I said while Niall was putting me down. Karen and all of them were already in their pajamas. Damn, they dress fast. When I came out, Harry and Jennifer were cuddling on the floor next to Zayn and Karen.  Liam,Louis, and Niall were on the couch. "Hi." I said while sitting down next to Niall. "HELLO!" Louis shouted in a silly voice. "Jeez mate." Zayn said turning over. Louis just stuck his tongue out at Zayn. We were all just talking until we got to the hotel. "Up we go!" Harry said picking up Jennifer in a piggy back. "Oh my gosh!" She screamed as he ran out. I was laughing until Niall got me as well, Then Zayn got Karen, and Louis got Liam. We all ran to the rooms. 

*Harrys  POV*
Jennifer and I got to the rooms first. I threw her onto the bed and just hovered over her. We were staring at each other for a while and I was smiling. I can tell she got lost in my eyes. "what..?" Jennifer asked quietly looking in my eyes. I just nodded and gave her a peck before laying down next to her ."DING DONG!"Louis said as him and Liam came in the room. "That was quiet interesting." Liam said while laying down in the bed. "Good night fellows!" Louis said while jumping into the bed next to Liam and falling asleep. Liam waved his hand at Jennifer and I in a way of saying goodnight. We waved back. Jennifer and I got into bed facing each other. "Goodnight.." She whispered. "Goodnight love." I whispered back. 

*Zayns POV*
Karen and I cuddled into bed. "Goodnight love.." I said. "Good night." Karen said. Niall and Alex were both hungry so they went to the food area to get a quick snack. I swear, they eat 24/7. Karen had her head on my chest. I kissed her head and we both fell asleep. 

*Nialls POV*
"Hmmmm, I want.... I want some chips ahoy." Alex said while pushing the button at the vending machine. I was just staring at her and smiling. "May I help you?" She said smiling as she was turning towards me. I just nodded. "Nope." I said smiling. She grabbed her cookies and we went to sit down for a bit. "Do you want some?" She asked me handing me some. "Ill have them all." I said snatching them. "Hey!" She said trying to take them back. I bit all of them and then gave them back. "You're a butthole." She said smiling before eating the rest. "Niall...?" She said looking at me. "Whats up babe?" I asked grabbing her hands. "Why me?" She asked tilting her head to the side. I just looked her straight in the eyes. "Because I knew there was something about you, I had to know what it was. And it turns out that you're just you. I like that." I said smiling. She just smiled back. "Thank you." She said quietly. We both smiled. "Lets go back." I said while helping her up. "Thank you." She said in a silly voice. "So how are you enjoying this so far?" I asked her while we were in the elevator. "I love it." She said smiling. I grabbed both of her hands and looked her straight in the eyes. "I love you." I said while leaning in for a kiss.Our lips touched and we broke the kiss after 6 seconds. "I love you too." Alex said while cuddling into me, I wrapped my arms around her and the doors finally opened. We got to the room and I let her go in first. "Thank you." She whispered. I followed after her and we both got into bed. We cuddled and I gave her a kiss on her forehead. I felt her smile and I couldnt help myself from smiling too. I wrapped my arms around her and soon enough, we drifted to sleep.



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