Dreams Do Come True.

Alex was just another ordinary 15yr girl who sat in her room on the computer. She always had little fantasy's in her head about Niall Horan. She always imagined them in a relationship and madly in love with each other. She new it would never happen but still smiled about it. But does one new day change her life when he catches her eyes at a concert. Does true love have an age limit... We'll see..


13. First Day Of Tour.

*Dream* (Ice skating)
"Niall!!!! Im going to fall!!!" I yelled while laughing. "No! I'll hold you. I promise." He said holding my waist. I smiled and wrapped my arms around his. We were the only ones there. "Im going to spin you.." He said grabbing one of my hands. I looked with a worried expression. He looked in my eyes and had a look which told me that he wont let me get hurt. I gave him a nod. " okay.." I said while turning towards him. "Ready..?" He asked me making sure I was okay with it. "Yes." I said in a whisper. He twirled me in the most romantic. He pulled me back in. "Can I kiss you?" I ask him while our eyes were locked. He didnt answer he just leaned in. Our lips were about to collide..

"AHH" Niall and I screamed as we both automatically got up. We saw everybody laughing.  Niall and I were drenched in ice cold water. "Thats what you get for not getting up early." Harry said handing us towels. "How late is it?" I asked drying my face. "We're just kidding, it isnt late, we just thought it would be funny to wake you guys up with water in your faces." Liam said grinning. "Jerks!" Niall said laughing while throwing the towel at Liam. "But seriously. What time is it?" I asked handing the towel to Louis. "9:00" Karen said helping me out of the bed. "Thanks. And do you guys normally get up at this time?" I said. "Pretty much." Niall said in his sleepy voice. It was perfect. "Well im going hop in the shower." I said while looking at everyone else was already ready. After my shower, I changed into light skinny jeans and a peach tank top. "Whoa, hello there gorgeous." Niall said smiling at me. "Please. I look ratchet." I said winking at him and walking past him. He just giggled and I smiled. "Are you going to do your makeup?" Karen asked while handing me my makeup bag. "Thank you!" I said grabbing it and heading back to the bathroom. Luckily Niall left the door unlocked. "Niall.....!" I said as I sat down in front of the mirror. "Who's there?" He asked. "Alex!" I said while taking out some of the makeup I was going use. "What are you doing here love?" He asked. "I need to do my makeup, I hope you dont mind." I said applying foundation. "Of course not babe." He said. "Okay." I said while smiling. "You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you..." Niall began to sing. I can hear him smiling becasue his voice changed at the same time. "Youre making me smile.." I said lputting on the rest of my makeup. He opened the curtain only revealing his face. He was smiling. I turned towards him and smiled too. He winked and went back to finish his shower. "Im done." I said getting up and collecting my makeup in my makeup bag. "Okay babe. Ill see you later." He said waving his hand. I laughed and went outside. "Shit." I said to myself. Niall was still in the shower so I went back in. "Niall...." I said opening the door and peeking my head through. "Yes love?" He said. "I forgot to do my hair aha. Are you almost done?" I asked. "No love. Im barely putting on my shampoo. I take long showers, so dont worry." He said. I smiled and went to go get my waver. I came back and started to do my hair. I got done and Niall was still in the shower. I went and sat on the couch with everyone else. "Hello gorgeous." Louis said with a cheesy smile. "Hello handsome." I said with a cheesy smile back . "You guys are weird.." Zayn said putting his arm around Karen. I looked at Karen and she nodded in agreement. We were all watching FRIENDS. "Hey everyone." Niall said coming out in black skinny jeans, white tank top, and white high tops. "Hola." Harry said. Karen and I looked at him and giggled. "What?" He said until he realized that we spoke spanish. "Where do you guys want to go eat?" Liam asked. "Where ever.." Karen said. Zayn looked at her and grabbed her face kissing her cheek making that silly noise. "ZAYN!" I said getting up and taking Karen away from him. "Shes mine.." I said with a smirk. Zayn had a pouty face. "Oh alright." I pushed Karen back at him and she landed in his arms. "You have quite a grip huh Zayn?" Niall said with a smirk. Zayn had his arms around Karen and she was sitting on his lap. "So where are we going to eat?" I asked putting on socks and my black combat boots. "IHop sound good?" Harry asked. We all agreed. I went to go grab my black leather jacket and a belt. When I turned around. Niall was at the door. I practically ran into him. "Merp. Sorry." I said putting on my jacket. "Youre adorable." He said smiling. I blushed. "Gee... Stopppp Im blushing.." I said smiling at him. He smiled and leaned in. Our lips touched and the kiss became so passionate. His arms tightly around my waist and my arms around his neck. I broke the kiss. "We should go.." I said smiling. "Okay." He said before giving me a peck. We held hands and headed out the bus walking to IHop. "Awh!" Zayn yelled looking at Niall and I. "Oh shut up lad!" Niall said laughing. "AWH!" I yelled back at Zayn because he was holding hands with Karen. He just gave me a death glare. I laughed and turned forwards again. The rest of the boys were all walking in front of us just doing weird jumping things. They were hilarious. "Soooo" Niall said looking at me. I looked back at him. "Soooo." I replied. "Do you miss home?" He asked while kicking a rock. "Not really. I dont like Arrizona." I said kicking the rock away from him. He looked at me and gave me a rasberry. "Why love?" He asked upset. "I just dont like it aha. I want to move. But my parents wont let us." I said playing with his fingers. "You should move with me to England.." He said when he stopped walking. I stopped too. "What?" I said surprised. "Please?" He said grabbing my other hand. I looked down and back at him. I smiled and he brushed the hair out of my face. We were about to kiss until We heard screaming. Zayn and Karen freaked out because they saw a cockroach. We laughed as they ran up to us and told us how Zayn practically fell. Soon, we heard other screaming and footsteps coming towards us. "Whats that?" I said while turning around. I instantly saw so many girls running towards us. Karen and I ran out of the way and ran into IHop. The boys went to to go take pictures and stuff with their fans. "Paul is a very nice guy isnt he!" I said laughing as we reserved our table. "Indeed he is." Karen said in british accent. I laughed and we sat down. "Are you Karen and Alex?" A young girl asked us. We looked up and smiled. "Yes. Shes Alex and Im Karen." Karen said while pointing at us. "Can I take a picture with you guys?" The young girl asked. "Of course!" We said. We bent down and took the picture. She gave us a hug and smiled at us. "Keep dreaming honey." I said with a smile while waving as she left. "Hello darling!" Louis said picking up the little girl. "Hi!" She said smiling and wrapping her arms around his neck. "May I take a picture with you guys?" She asked. "Absolutely" Niall said. They all got together and I snapped the photo of them. She said thank you and went back to her mom. "Lets go sit." Harry said. "OKIE!" Louis said running to the table. We just laughed. We were all talking until I got a call from my mom. "Hold on." I said leaving the booth and walking outside.

*On the Phone*
Me: Hello
Mom: Hi, how are you?
Me: Good, You?
Mom: Pretty good. Are you having fun?
Me: The best. 
Mom: Thats good. Well I just wanted to check up on you.
Me: Wait, mom..
Mom: Yeah?
Me: Niall asked me if I can move with him to England... Can I please..?
Mom: Wow.... Uhm Ill text you tonight when I have an answer.. Ill talk to you tonight hun. Love you.
Me: Okay love you too.

"Merp." I said as I went back to the table. "Who was it?" Niall asked as he scooted over letting me sit down. "My mom. She was just checking up on me." I said smiling. The boys just smiled. "So what time is the concert?" Karen asked. "Uh, not til later." Zayn said putting his arm over her. "Oh." I said taking a sip through the straw out of my water. Niall took my water and drank all of it. "Seriously." I said with an emotionless expression. I wasnt seeing this coming but he just kissed me quickly. I smiled and took some of his orange juice. "Shall we go?" I said while putting the cup down. "Yeap." Harry said while getting up. "Okay." Karen said getting up and grabbing her phone. "Lets go look at the stadium.. Or is it the same stadium as yesterday." Liam said opening the tour bus door. "Right.." I said embarrassed. "Lets still go to it!" Louis said. "We can hangout there until the show starts!" Harry shouted happily. We just laughed and told the driver to go to the stadium. We got to the stadium and Karen and I just smiled. We ran down the whole thing and just ran up to the stage. We were so happy we had watery eyes. And we hugged each other. The boys finally reached the floor and saw us crying and hugging. "Whats wrong?" Zayn asked. "We're just so happy.." Karen said wiping her tears and sitting at the edge of the stage. "Why?" Louis asked. "Because it was our first time seeing you guys in person and its the same place where we got together." I said jumping off the stage. Niall came up to me and hugged me not saying a word. Louis went up to Karen and Gave her a hug. Zayn went to give her a hug too. Liam and Harry came to give me a hug. And the we switched. After that we were just dancing around and running all over the stadium. "Louis! Where are you going mate!?" Harry shouted. We all ran after Louis and he came out with a golf cart and slowed down for Karen and I to get on. He was driving all around the place and we were just laughing. The rest of the boys were just making vines. "So you guys really like them uh?" Louis said stopping the cart pretty far from the rest of the boys. "I really do.." I said smiling while looking at Niall. "Same." Karen said smiling as she was playing with her necklace. "I hope you guys last a long time.." Louis said smiling. "Thank you." We both said smiling back. We were talking the rest of the time just about random stuff. 

*Nialls POV*
"Zayn, You really like Karen dont you?" I asked. "More than any girl I have ever dated." He said smiling. "You really like Alex. Am I right?" Harry asked me. "Shes an amazing girl. I wouldnt trade her for the world." I smiled. "They are very beautiful girls. dont mess it up lads.." Liam said looking at Zayn and I. "We wont." I said while Zayn and I gave each other a knuckle. 

Hello guys!" Karen and I said as Louis drove back to the rest of the boys. "Come on, We have to go back stage!" Louis said as he drove the cart back behind the stage. "Okay." Liam said as the rest followed behind us. I winked at Niall as I was in front of him. We all went to the backstage room. Karen and I were just hanging out as the boys were getting ready. "Merp." I said poking her cheek. "What the fuck!" She said laughing. "Whoa.. Take it easy man.." I said joking around. We just laughed. the concert was about to start. "Good luck boys!" I said smiling giving each othe them a hug. Karen did the same. They got into positions and went off. They sang 'Up All Night'

*Karens POV*
"This makes me want to cry.." i said smiling at Alex. "I know.." She said back. "Can you believe it?" She asked. "What?" I said. "Not too long ago.. We were like them.." She said. I just smile and nodded. We were pretty much just making random videos and taking a bunch of silly videos through out the concert. We were playing all around the back of the stadium. The concert was over. "Good job guys!" I said smiling. I gave each of them a hug. And I gave Zayn a kiss. Alex gave all of them a hug and a kiss on the cheek, except Niall. That was on the lips haha. "Finally! some rest!" Niall said grabbing his water. "Are we going back to the tour bus?" I asked. "Yeap." Zayn said snatching my hand and holding it. I just smiled and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. Boy do I love this kid with all of my heart.

"Go shower!' I said to Niall as I pushed him. He just laughed and picked me up (over the shoulder) I was laughing. He carried me like that all the way to the tour bus. "Im going to shower last babe!" He said smiling in my face. I smiled back. He was about to kiss me, but I entered the buss at the last minute. "Wow..." Niall said smiling. He followed as the rest of the boys. Karen was walking with Zayn. We both changed into our pajamas and took off our makeup and threw our hair up. We both sat down with Niall,Zayn,Harry, and Liam. Louis was in the shower. We were all watching tv as they each took turns taking a shower. "Im tired.." I mouthed to Karen. Karen nodded in agreement. Zayn was already done, so they went to his bed and fell asleep. "All done!" Liam said. He came to sit next to me while Niall was going to the shower. Everyone was already sleeping. "You dont have to stay here with me Liam.." i said yawning. "Well I cant leave you alone aha." He said. I just smiled. I started to fall asleep. I felt my self cuddle into Liam and he had his arm around me. After a while, I heard Niall come out "IM DONE!" Niall shouted. I didnt really woke up, but I did hear him yell. Im sure that Liam made a face telling him to shush. I felt Liam get up. I heard him say goodnight to Niall and Niall said it back. I felt arms go under me and picking me up bridal style. I wrapped my arms around Nialls neck. He got me comfortable into his bed, and he then got comfortable too. "Goodnight princess.." He said kissing my forehead lightly. I smiled and cuddled into him. He wrapped his arms around me and that was it for the night.

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