Dreams Do Come True.

Alex was just another ordinary 15yr girl who sat in her room on the computer. She always had little fantasy's in her head about Niall Horan. She always imagined them in a relationship and madly in love with each other. She new it would never happen but still smiled about it. But does one new day change her life when he catches her eyes at a concert. Does true love have an age limit... We'll see..


10. Empty Area.

I woke up to my phone ringing. It was Niall. I answered 
*On the phone*
Niall: Good morning babe. Are you awake?
Me: Good morning, and I am now.
Niall: Im sorry.. Go back to bed.
Me: No its fine. What did you need ?
Niall: Well I was wondering if you wanted to meet up after the concert? I know a place where no one could find us. You can bring Karen and I can bring the boys.
Me: Sounds good. What time?
Niall, Ill let you know 30 minutes before the concert ends.
Me: Okay, have fun.
Niall: I will. See you later.
Me: Bye.


"Karen. Wake up." I said removing the blankets. She groaned and sat up rubbing her eyes. 
"Get ready." I said. "For what?" Looking at me confused. "Well Niall said he wanted to meet up after the concert. Her eyes widened and her smile grew so big. "But thats you and Niall. Why do I have to go?" She asked. "Well the boys are going to." I told her while grabbing my clothes. She smiled and got up to grab her clothes too. My mom went to go get breakfast. I hopped in the shower and did the usual. I put the towel around me and put my hair up in a towel. "Go shower. You stink." I said while looking at Karen and laughing. She just gave me a glare before smiling. I went upstairs to change. I went for a red crop top, dark wash skinny jeans, and my white converse. I blowed dry my hair, put in a halfup half down ( bangs back) and curled it for some waves. Karen hopped out of the shower and got dressed up stairs while I was doing my makeup down stairs. Simple like always. Karen put on some light was skinnys, a jacket, and her black converse. She put her hair up in a messy bun. "Whoa... where are you guys going?" My mom asked as she came in with breakfast. "The boys want to meet up later" I said while going to the door to help my mom. "Thank you. And Is that right? Where at?" she asked dividing the food into equal portions. "I dont know, Niall told Alex some where where no one will find them." Karen said while grabbing her plate. "Hm. Okay! More free time for me!" My mom said smiling. I just gave her a death glare. We finished eating and decided to go to the mall. "I need new perfume." I said as I was entering 'Perfumania'. "Same." Karen said while following me. We love perfume. We are always picky about smelling good all day. "Alex, smell this one." Karen said handing me the small piece of paper thingy. "That smells amazing! Which one is it?" I asked picking up each bottle and smelling the part where the perfume comes out. "Its the Snooki one." She said while looking at other perfumes. I recently looked in a magazine before I came over here. And I was obsessed with it. I look around the store when I finally found it. "Here it is.." I said while picking up the new Katy Perry perfume. "Let me smell it." Karen said while taking a sample of it. by the look on her face, I knew that she loved it. "Can I get it too?" She asked. "Go for it." I said as I was grabbing two boxes.
"Here you go ladies" The lady said with a smile. "Thanks so much." I said with a smile. "Finally." My mom said getting up from the chair. "Serry." Karen said giving her a rasberry. "Funny." My mom said giving her one back. "Can we go to the shoe store?" I asked my mom with some puppy eyes. "Okay but hurry up cause we have to go to your cousins." She said handing me her credit card. "Thanks." I said walking into the store. "What shoes do you want?" Karen asked looking at some converse. "Im looking for rain boots." I said heading to the boot section. "Why?" Karen asked helping me find them. "Cause they're cute." I said while grabbing some and trying some on. When I was taking off the last pair, I saw the most beautiful ones. They werent exactly rain boots, but they were boots. "I want those." I said walking to them. "Those are cute!" Karen said while she was trying to find my size. She pulled out the smallest size and I tried them on. "Perfect fit!" I said with a smile. They were the boots that Eleanor had. The one with the England flag. "There you go hun." The lady said while handing me the bag. "Thank you." I said grabbing it and heading out the store. "Lets go." I said while tapping my mom on the shoulder. "Sounds good." She said getting up. We were on our way to my cousins when my phone went off.

*Niall Horan: Hey (:
Me: Hi(:
Niall Horan: Whats up love?
Me: Not much, heading to my cousins house. You?
Niall Horan: Warming up for the concert. Wish you were going ):
Me: Fun(: And dont worry, we're still meeting up later right?
Niall Horan: Of course (:
Me: Okay (:
Me: Well I have to go. I just got to my cousins. Have fun(:
Niall Horan: I will (: Ill let you know 30 minutes before we're done(: 
Me: Alright (: bye
Niall Horan: Bye xx

"Hi girls." my aunt said giving us a hug. "Hi" We said giving her a hug back. "Do you guys want to eat?" She asked. "Yeah." Karen said. "There is some left over pancakes in the fridge." She said pointing to the fridge. Karen and I bot got up and grabbed ourself a plate of pancakes. We decided to go to the other living room and watch a movie while my mom and my aunt were talking in the kitchen. "What do you want to watch?" I asked Karen while grabbing the remote. "Doesnt matter." she said grabbing a slice of her pancake. 'Happy Gilmore' was on so we just watched that. Around the end of the movie, Niall texted me saying that they were almost done and that we should get going to the place. He gave me the address. "Mom, can you take us now?" I asked. "Sure." Getting the keys and getting up towards the door. "Ill be right back." She said to my aunt. "Okay. Ill clean in the meantime." She said grabbing a cloth. "Where is it at?" My mom said starting the car. I showed her the address and she nodded. While we were on our way, Karen and I decided to take random selfies. 
*10 minutes later* 
"We're here." My mom said unlocking the doors. "Thank you. See you later!" I said opening the door. My mom drove off and Karen and I went to go sit on the bench. "Shit, its cold.." I said rubbing my arms. "Not really." Karen said looking at me. "No shit, you're wearing a jacket." I said with a sarcastic face. Karen just laughed. A black car pulled up in the parking lot and it was the boys. Karen and I walked up towards them. "HELLO BEAUTIFUL GIRLS!" Louis said while running to us and picking us up. "Hi Louis!!!" I said while he put us down. Zayn came down with Liam and Harry. They all gave me a hug and then Liam and Harry gave Karen a hug. Zayn was the last one to give her a hug. He smiled at her and then gave her a long hug. I saw Karen smile and I couldnt help but smile for her too. I suddenly felt arms wrap around my waist and i was off the ground going in circles. Niall was a very strong man haha. "Put me down!" I yelled as i was laughing. "Alright love." Niall was setting me down but he was still behind me and had his arms wrapped around my waist. I smiled and out my arms over his. The boys dont seem to mind that Niall likes a 15 year old. They completely support it. "So Niall, how did you meet your girlfriend?" Harry asked with a cheeky smile. "We arent dating." I said with a slight laugh. "WHAT!" Louis shouted "NIALL ASK ALEX TO BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND RIGHT NOW!" Louis shouted. "Louis, calm down man." Zayn said with a chuckle. I saw Karen smile at that. She really likes him and I know Zayn likes her. Age never matters. I wish they knew they liked each other. "Karen, why dont you and Zayn take a walk.." Harry said. He looked at me and winked. I smiled because he knows they like each other. We are the only to that know. Zayn helps Karen up from the ground and they walk away. I hear them laughing in the distance. "How old are you Alex?" Liam asked as he was making a camp fire. "Uhm... Im 15.." I said worried. "Oh, thats cool" He said with a smile. I smiled back. "So Harry, i hear your a single pringle?" I asked with a smile grabbing a marshmellow. I look at Niall and we just smiled at each other. "Pretty much." Harry said with a slight laugh. I suddenly felt a sharp pain on my side. "Ow!" I yelled, I looked over and I see Louis poking me with his stick. He just looked at me with an 'O' face. "LOUIS! Say that you are sorry!" Liam said in a demanding voice. "Its fine Liam. It was just a joke." I said with a wink. We were all enjoying our time having a nice bond. I then noticed Zayn and Karen coming back. He had his arm around her and she was holding it with her hand. They were both smiling and it made me smile. I like to see my best friend happy. "Back so soon?" Niall said with a smile. "We enjoyed our walk." Karen said to Niall. Niall just laughed. I always die inside when I hear his laugh. It started to rain a bit but we just ignored it. After a while, Niall wanted to go on a walk so we did. He grabbed my hand, and I look at his hand and then I look back at him. We were both smiling. "I really like you Alex.." Niall said embarrassed. I blushed and said "I like you too Niall.." He smiled at me and pulled me in for a hug. It was getting cold when a strong wind blew our way. I kind of chattered my teeth but stopped as quickly as I could hoping Niall didnt hear me. Turns out he did. He took off his jacket and put it around me, I just smiled. We were having a nice talk until it started to pour. I ran from Niall and started laughing. "Come back here young lady!" I heard him say and he was running after me. He finally caught up to me and spun me around. I just giggled. He put me down and looked into my eyes. We had a silent moment. He started to lean in and I leaned in as well. Our lips touched and it was like fireworks. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist. It was perfect. I smiled in the middle of the kiss and he started to smile too. WE kissed again and finally broke apart. We were holding hands and decided that we should go back. I got a call from Karen 
*On the phone* 
Karen: Alex, are you guys on your way yet?
Me: Yeah, we're walking back. Why?
Karen: Cause its getting cold and we all want to watch a movie..
Me: Okay we will meet you in the car.

"They want to watch a movie." I said while hanging up my phone. "So you're coming over?" Niall said with a smile. "I guess so." I said smiling back. "Alex..." He said looking in my eyes. "Yess." I said looking at his beautiful shiny eyes. "Weill.... you be my girlfriend?" He said shyly. "Of course." I said while playing with our hands. He smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek. We got back to the car and headed to where they were staying. While we were in the car, Niall and I were cuddled up with our eyes closed ( we werent sleeping though). I jumped up when my phone got a notification. It was a tweet from harry. "Sorry,  I had you guys on notifications.." I said embarrassed. They all just smiled. I saw Zayn and Karen, they were cuddling too. I checked my phone and the caption was 'Love birds(:' It was a picture of me and Niall. "HARRY!!" I said shocked. "Its fine.. You will be okay." He said calming me down. Karen suddenly got a notification too. Turns out, Louis snapped a photo of her and Zayn cuddling too. Karen just gave Louis the 'Are you kidding me' look. Louis just laughed. We finally got to the hotal and luckily there were no paparazzi or crazy fans. We got up to the room, and made ourselves comfortable. "Uh, Can I take a shower first?" I asked Niall. "Sure love." He said while handing me one of his hoodies. We both smiled and I hopped into the shower. When I got out, I remembered that my make up came off. I got so worried. I finger combed my hair. and put on my socks. They were still dry. I went out into the room but i had my hand covering my face. I saw through the peek I had, that Karen and Zayn werent in the room. I asked were they went and the boys were looking at me confused but they answered. "She went to go take a shower in Zayns room. Zayn is just waiting for her." "Oh. Okay." I said going onto the bed under the covers. "Alex.. Why are you covering your face?" Louis asked. "Because I have no makeup on.." I said worried. "Soo.? Whats wrong with that love?" Liam asked 
"Im just embarrassed about my face without it.." I said with my hand still over my face. Niall tried to pull my hand down but I managed to keep it covering still. "I have an idea!" Louis said while jumping onto the bed. "TICKLE TICKLE TICKLE!!!" Louis yelled while tickling me. I was holding it until I couldnt anymore. I laughed and tried to push his hands away. Louis finally stopped and they were all staring at my bare face but they had big smiles on their faces but I had watery eyes. "Youre very beautiful Alex." Louis said. "Very." Liam added onto that. I smiled but a tear ran down my face. Niall wiped it away and kissed my cheek. Karen and Zayn came back and they sat down on the couch. "Alex, I texted you mom that we were staying the night here." Karen said while looking at me. "Okie." I said while getting comfortable in the bed. Niall put his arm behind my neck and the other on my waist. I layed my head on his shoulder. I dont remember the movie we watched because the next thing I knew was that I was fast asleep.

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