Dreams Do Come True.

Alex was just another ordinary 15yr girl who sat in her room on the computer. She always had little fantasy's in her head about Niall Horan. She always imagined them in a relationship and madly in love with each other. She new it would never happen but still smiled about it. But does one new day change her life when he catches her eyes at a concert. Does true love have an age limit... We'll see..


11. Dinner Date.

I was sleeping very peacefully until I was awaken by a kiss on my forehead. I open my eyes to see Niall smiling at me. I smile back. "Good morning love.." Niall said wide awake. "Morning.' I said looking straight into his eyes. "I want to take you out tonight." He said rubbing an eyelash off my cheek. "Okay." I said while blushing. "Im going to go back to my hotel, So let me know what time we're going out." I said while getting out of the bed. Niall pulled me back down. "Lets have a lazy day today until I have to go to the concert." He said. "Okay." I whispered laying back down. Niall turned the tv on and was scrolling to find a good movie. I decided to check my twitter and it was insane. I got so much new followers because of the picture Harry posted. I got so many mentions. Some were rude and some were nice. I looked at Niall and back at my phone. I went back to my home screen and tossed my phone. "Whats wrong??" Niall asked looking at me all worried. "What? Oh nothing." I said with a smile. I really didnt care about the rude comments. Niall just smiled and he saw a good movie. He pushed the button and the screen got bigger. "What movie is this?" I asked getting comfortable. " "Marley and Me.." He said looking at me with a smile. "This movie is soo sad. So if I cry. Ignore it." I said with a slight laugh. "Dont worry, Ill cry too." He said laying next to me. We watched the movie and we were both crying. It was funny. We were literally sobbing into each other arms. We ended up watching more movies. "I should get going to the hotel." I said while getting up. "Why?" Niall said. "Its 4:30.." I said while grabbing my shoes and clothes. I texted my mom saying to come pick us up. I texted Karen telling her to come in Nialls room. "Ill just see you when we go to dinner." i said smiling and slipping on my shoes. Niall got up to go see outside the window. "Uh....Tell your mom to go through the back!" Niall said looking back at me. "Why?" I said walking towards him. "NO! Go by the door and text your mom. There are so much paps out there." He said worried. I got scared and called my mom telling her to go through the back . Karen came in and was waiting with me. My om texted me that she was outside. "By Niall!" Karen and I said as we were leaving the hotel room carefully . We quickly checked outside and made sure no one was there. Karen and I ran to the car. "What did you guys do?" My mom asked us. "We just watched movies really.." I said looking at Karen with a shrug. " Sounds fun..." My mom said looking at us with a weird face. "You guys do know that we're leaving tomorrow right..?" My mom said with a serious face. "Wut." Karen said dropping her smile. I looked at my mom with the most upsetting face. "Im sorry girls.." She said continuing driving back to the hotel. "Well the boys and Karen and I are all going to dinner tonight. Can we go? So we can spend the last day together..?" I asked. "Of course." She said with a sad smile. Karen and I had a sad smile as well. Karen's phones buzzed. It was Zayn and she instantly smiled. I looked at the grin on her face and I couldnt help but smile at her. She becomes the happiest girl in the world when she hears the name 'Zayn'. Seeing my best friend happy is one of the most amazing thing I can see. Karens finger moved so fast to the point were my smile dropped and my eyes widened. "Damn girl.. Slow down.." i said looking at here then back at her phone. "Its Zayn, I like him a lot." She said laughing and texting again. Soon, my phone buzzed and it was Niall. 

*Niall Horan: Hey! I cant wait for tonight(:
Me: I cant eaither(:
Niall Horan: Well we are going on stage soon,I will text you when the concert is over and let you know what time we will pick you guys up(: xx See you soon love!
Me: Bye(:

We got back to the hotel and we started to get ready. Karen and I dont really like to get too fancy, but today was different. We still didnt wear heels though, that is something we will never do. We both hated them so much. "Im going to hop in the shower." I said grabbing a towel and a robe. "Okie. Ill get the makeup ready." She said organizing the desk. I hoped in the shower and Tried to rush but still get squeaky clean. I got out and went to the desk and started to do my make up. Karen went to the bathroom and took her shower. I decided to get a little more fancy with my makeup. I obviously primed my face, did my foundation, and did my concealer. I put on some pwder and proceeded with my eyes. i primed my eyes and decided to go with a light smokey eye look. I lined my eyes with liquid liner and lined my water line. I filled in my brows and put on mascara. And I finally used setting spray to finish my face. "Whoa there girly! You look bootyful!" Karen said while running the towel on her hair to dry it. She did her make up while I did my hair. I did something different to it this time. I waved it with a waver. It took about 15 minutes. I went back to go watch some tv until it was time to go. I looked at Karen and she looked so pretty! She had a light purple smokey eye and her eyelashes were so long! she had eyeliner on and a nude lipstick on. "You look so pretty!! Awh, youre trying to impress Zaynnnn" I said mocking her. "Shut up!" She said blushing. "Help me straighten my hair!" She said grabbing the straightener and plugging it in. Her hair was really easy to straighten for someone who has super curly hair. it took about 15 minutes. "Done." I said turning it off. "Shank you"She said going to brush her teeth. I went to go brush mine too. We were chewing very strong mint gum to make sure we didnt have bad breath. "You get half of the gum and I'll get the other half." I said handing her the 5 pieces. "Okay, here" She said handing my the other 5. We were watching tv for about an hour until I got a text from Niall saying that the concert was over soon and that we should get ready. "The concert is almost over. Zayn texted me." Karen said looking at me. I just smiled. "Aha, I know, Niall texted me too." I said looking at her. "Lets go change." I said getting up from the couch. I had 'Little Black Dress' from promgirl.com. I had karen help me put it on. I put on my red converse and then I helped Karen with her dress. She had the 'Strapless Ruched Party Dress' from promgirl.com as well. She then slipped on her black converse and did the usual, checked each other out to make sure we were good. I decided to put on a a little bit of plumper and blotted off the excess. Karen and I continued to watch the tv until we heard a knock on the door. I checked the peephole. I looked at Karen and whisper shouted "Its Paul!" I said. "We're leaving now!" Karen said to my mom. "Deuces!" My mom shouted from upstairs. I grabbed my phone and opened the door. Paul smiled and led us to where we need to go. "You guys are very lucky." He said smiling. "I dont believe in luck." I said smiling at him. "Niall really likes you." Paul said to me. "And Zayn really likes you Karen." He said leaning to see Karen. "Well I like him back." She said blushing. We quickly got to the car before the paps could find us. The boys werent in the car though. "Where are the boys?" Karen asked. "They said to meet them at the restaurant." Paul shrugged and told the driver to drive to the place we were meeting. We got there and the boys had so many paps around them. Karen and I got scared. "Dont worry, Ill protect you guys." Paul said making sure. We got out and the paps looked at us and took so many pictures. Karen and I were about to cry, The boys came over to us and pushed the paps aside so we can get through, Paul was helping as well. "Are you guys okay?" Liam asked as we got into the restaurant. Karen and I just nodded. Zayn looked at Karen up and down and smiled. Karen was blushing. "You look beautiful Karen.." Zayn said to her. "Thank you. You look very handsome." Karen said while fixing his tie. I was so focused on them until I felt a kiss on my cheek. I looked and it was Niall. He grabbed my hands and pulled me in for a hug. "You're gorgeous." He whispered in my ear. I smiled and I whispered back. "So are you." we broke the hug and he was smiling. "Shall we get the table?" Louis said. "Yes! Im starving." Harry said while fixing his dress pants. They all looked adorable in suits. "May I?" Zayn asked Karen holding out his arm. "You may." Karen said smiling and taking his arm. They walked in fron of Niall and I. Niall grabbed my hand and we were walking to the table with our fingers intertwined. I noticed a flash behind us and we both turned around and saw a paparazzi. I was kind of shocked. Liam,Louis,and Harry took care of it though. They came back without Paul. "Where is Paul?" Karen asked. "He took the pap outside." Harry said. We got to our table and we all sat down. "We will have the salad and chicken please. A large." I said to the waiter. "We will share it." I said pointing to Karen. The boys ordered their food. We were all talking some of us drinking our drinks. "So Karen, how did you and Alex become friends?" Liam asked smiling. "Well, she was new to my school and we had these things called specials where some classes would go to art, PE, etc. And I was sitting down in my music class and I saw her come in all shy. So I smiled at her and signaled for her to come sit next to me. She smiled and sat next to me. We introduced ourselves." KAren said smiling. "From that day forward, we've been best friends." I added. "AWHHHHH" Louis said. "Oh you hush." Karen said laughing. We were all talking and then our food came. We were all eating and I saw Zayn feeding Karen some of his food. "Thank you." Karen said smiling. Zayn winked at her and stole some of her food. She then took some of his food and they just laughed. I looked back at my plate and saw that most of my food was gone. "Niall!" I said looking at Niall with his mouth stuffed. "Yesh" He said mumbling it. I just smiled and took some of his food. He smiled. I saw Danielle and Eleanor come sit with us and I was trying not to fangirl. I looked at Karen and she mouthed 'Oh my god' while looking at me. I mouthed back 'I know!' We just smiled and introduced ourselves. Louis and Liam were feeding their girlfriends as well. I saw Harry and he was just looking at us. He gave me a shrug and a puppy dog face. I laughed and he did too. He proceeded to eat his food. "Uhm..." Karen said. I knew what she was going to say, I took a sip of my drink and was waiting for her to say some words. "Guys, We have to tell you something.." She said looking at me and told me to say the rest. "Uh, we are leaving tomorrow.." I said looking quite upset. Niall grabbed my hand under the table and squeezed it. I looked at him and gave him a shrug. "Where are you guys going?" Harry asked nervously. "home." Karen said. Everyone turned their direction towards her and they all had a sad face on. "You guys arent from here?" Eleanor asked. "No.." I said looking at her with sad eyes. She looked at me with sad eyes too. "Where are you guys from then?" Eleanor asked Karen. "Phoenix." Karen said. "As in Arizona?" Eleanor said shocked. We both nodded. "Why?'' Zayn whispered to Karen. "Its time to go home." Karen said with watery eyes and a shrug. Niall took a deep breath and let it out. I looked at him and touched his face. His eyes closed and then opened. I have him a slight smile. He gave one back. "You guys cant stay any longer?" Louis asked getting a grip of Eleanor. "Our stay at the hotel ends tomorrow." Karen said. "You cant stay with us on the tour bus?" Liam asked. Karen and I instantly looked at each other surprised. "We never thought about that.." I looked back at the boys. "You guys should stay!" Danielle smiled. Karen and I smiled. I called my mom 
*On the phone*
Me: Mom, can Karen and I stay longer?
Mom: How the hell are you going to stay longer?
Me: We can stay with the boys on the tour bus..
Mom: Uhmm, Id have to think about it. Ill let you guys know when you get back.
Me: Okay.

"What did she say?" Zayn asked. "She will let us know when we get back." I said smiling. The rest of the gang smiled too. "Paul, would it be okay if the girls stayed with us on the tour bus? Zayn said getting a grip of Karen. We all gave him puppy dog faces. "Yeah yeah whatever." Paul said smiling. We all said yes and proceeded to eat. 
The dinner ended and Karen and I said by to everyone leaving our boys last. The rest went back to the van. 
*Zayns POV*
"Thank you for a beautiful night." I said wrapping my arms around Karens waist. I saw her smile, and she wrapped her arms around my neck while on her tippy toes. I laughed a little and she smiled.
"You're very welcome." She said smiled. I leaned in and she did too. Our lips touched and it felt like we were the only to people in the world. Our lips kept moving. I licked her bottom lip for entrance and she accepted. We continued kissing for about a minute. She broke the kiss and smiled. I gave her another peck and had my head on her shoulder with hers on mine. Our hug felt amazing. "Karen... I love you." i said leaning my head back and looking at her in the eyes.*
*Karens POV* 
"OH MY GOSH!!!! ZAYN LOVES ME!!!" I scremaed in my mind. "I love you too Zayn." I said smiling at him. He smiled and gave me another hug before we went to the van. We were just waiting on Niall and Alex.*

"Can I have a hug?" Niall asked. "No." I said with a serious face. he just smiled and pulled me in for a hug. We held the hug for a while. I broke the hug and just stared into his eyes and slowly smiled. He smiled to. We both leaned in and we started to kiss passionately. His arms gripped tightly around my waist. My hands running through his hair. We kissed for about 2 minutes. He broke the kiss and we both smiled. He looked straight in my eyes and he cupped my face with his hands. "I love you Alex." He said smoothly. My smile dropped for a second. My eyes watered. "I love you Niall." I said with a tear running down my cheek and with a smile. He wiped my tear and gave me another kiss. We held hands and went back to the van. We got to the hotel and said bye to everyone. Karen and I looked around and quickly ran through the back door. We ran up to the lobby and went to the elevators. We got to our floor and got to our door. I grabbed the key from my bra. "Really." Karen said with a serious face. I just laughed. I unlocked the door. "We're back!" I shouted. "I can tell!" my mom yelled back. "I love your mom." Karen said laughing. I just rolled my eyes and threw my phone on the couch. I changed into my pajamas. and took my makeup off and put my hair up. Karen did the same. We both went up stairs to my mom on the bed in her pajamas watching the tv. She looked at Karen and I as if we murdered someone. "May I help you..?" She said. "Can we?" Karen asked sitting on the bed. My mom sighed. "Look girls, I know you love those boys and I know how much you've wanted this, but-" I cut my mom off. "Please mom! why would you do this! You know how much we've wanted this and now youre just going to crush us!! Why would you do such a thing!!!" I said. "Dude.. calm down, I was just about to say dont forget to pack your clothes before you leave.." My mom said. Karen and I looked at each other and we both just started jumping on the bed to annoy my mom. "Go pack your shit!" My mom said yelling at us and trying to push us off the bed. "THANK YOU!!" Karen and I both said before going downstairs to pack our stuff. Karen texted Zayn saying that we can go with them. "Zayn said that he cant wait. That literally all the boys were jumping around, same with Danielle and Eleanor." Karen said smiling. I just laughed. I got a text from Niall saying that he cant wait for us to go on tour with them.
Karen and I got done getting our stuff ready and we were getting the bed ready. My mom started to pack her stuff. And Karen and I passed out.
'Thank you God.' I said in my head with a big smile.


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