Forever and Always

Hailey and Niall have been together ever since 2011. It's 2013 now and Nialls up to some cheating. Hailey forgives him of course. Some bumps happen along the road. But Harry Styles (Hailey's older brother) Has her back


2. Chapter 2

Haileys POV

I got into Harrys car about a minute later and explained everything that happened.

"I don't want to do this because I promised you I wouldn't but, I told you so." Harry sighed. "You know I love Niall like he's my brother. Same as the rest of the boys. But I knew dating him was a bad idea. I'm sorry but, he's 2 years older than you, as am I, and he's going to want a lot of things from you that I guess you weren't giving him." He explained.


"Like... sex." he said awkwardly. I didn't answer. "Don't tell me you guys had sex. Hailey, you're 15 and he's 17. I cant believe you-" I cut him off.

"Harry! I told you, I wouldn't until I get married ok! I promised you that I wouldn't. Ok. You know I never break a promise unless its for someone else's own good. Like that one time that when you told me NOT to eavesdrop and I promised and then your ex was talking shit about you? I don't think that you would want me to not tell you what happened and you get hurt. Because you know that I wouldn't lie to you." I smiled. It's true. I would NEVER lie to Harry. He's my big brother and I love him. He's always there for me too. I mean, he's never left me alone. When we got to Harrys house, to my surprise, Niall was there.

"What the fuck are you doing here" I said brushing past him.

"I'm sorry baby. I've sobered up. I know what I did and I wanted to apologize to you. Forgive me?"

"I don't know. Just go. I don't want to talk to you right now." and with that, I stormed into the room Harry has for me at his flat and yelled into my pillow. I love Niall. But he's cheating 2 times in 2 weeks. I'm absolutely SICK of it! I can't take It anymore. I got out my phone to text Harry and Niall as I started to cry.

To My Prince: I suggest you don't come see me in person for about a week. I still love you and you know that, but I just can't deal with your bullshit right now.

To Harry: Hey, is Niall still there? If he is, can you make him leave? I gotta go pee and I don't wanna walk past him.

From Harry: Sure thing. He's gone now. You can come out.

I stepped out of the room and started to cry more than I was before. I ran over to Harry and he wrapped his arms around me protectively and stroked the back of my head slowly.

"Harry. It's not fair. I-I love him. But I don't want to see him and Ugh! My life is so fucked up!" I yelled while I sobbed.

"It's ok sweetie. It'll get better ok. Just stay with me for a few days and you'll be ok. Plus, I missed you. And we're gonna have a lot of fun together in those few days."

"I love you Har. You're the best big brother a girl like me could ask for."

"I Love you too Hails. And you're the best little sister a guy like me could ask for."

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