Please Save Me

Alexis is a 16 year old girl who not only is bullied at school, but is having MAJOR problems at home. Her best (and only) friend, Harry Styles, is the only one who sticks up for her. The only escapes she has from her life are drama class and a tiny library filled with books. Her drama class is doing the musical Les Miserables, and you should watch the movie if you haven't already. But what happens when she loses her memory in a gun accident and doesn't remember ever loving Harry?


13. Chapter 13

A week later, and I'm walking to school. I moved into my own apartment, and now have a job at Subway. I broke it off with Harry, because I still don't remember my feelings for him and I need to figure my new life out. By myself.

Harry doesn't talk to me anymore, and my only friend is Shawn. I really like him, and I think he likes me.

I walked into the school, and found Shawn waiting by my locker.

"Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to do something after school," he said, smirking at me. I practically melted.

"Um, yeah that would be great," I replied, smiling like an idiot.

"Cool, see you later," he said, walking away.

I walked into my class, and sat next to Brittany. She looked me up and down, and her face scrunched up like she had just been sneezed on by some creepy animal. She got up, and sat somewhere else. That stung just a little bit.

I spent the rest of the class sitting by myself, which I'm not used to. It's like everyone hates me. Maybe they do hate me, and that's why Shawn is my only friend.

~skip to after school~

"So where are we going? I asked Shawn as we walked downtown.

"Well, I used to always see you walking into this building down here all the time, I wanted to know what it was," he replied, walking into a little building.

As soon as I heard the little bell ring and saw the books stacked, it all came rushing back to me.

~flash back~

"Why are we in a library? This is stupid," I said as my aunt dragged me into a tiny library.

"Because, books will take your mind off of it, and you've practically living in your room for the past 2 years, and you need to get out of the house," she replied, walking up the stairs.

"Sorry that my parents are dead and I'm still mourning," I replied, following her to a little section in the back with a couch surrounded by stacks of books.

"Just shut up and read this," she laughed, picking up a random book and handing it to me.

I plopped down on the couch, and was sucked into the book as soon as I opened it. Hours later, I finished the very last word of my book, and looked up at my aunt, who was smiling at me.

"I knew it would work," she said, and handed me another book.

A few months later, I was using the same forgetting tactic for her.

~end of flashback~

"Alex? What's wrong?" Shawn asked.

I ran up to the spot my aunt had showed me all those years ago, and broke down crying as soon as I saw the couch.

"Its ok babe, don't cry," he said, putting his arm around me.

"I remember when I first came here. My aunt showed it to me to take my mind off of my parents dying, a few months later she died in a car accident," I said through my tears.

"Oh, it's ok, you'll be ok," he said, pulling me into his lap.

He reached down, and kissed me. His hand started creeping up my thigh.


I walked into the house, and started to head to my room, as always. But this time, my uncle stopped me. Vodka bottle in hand, he dragged me to the couch, screaming and crying, raped me for the first of many times.

~end of flashback~

"No, I can't do this right now, you nee to wait," I said, trying to pull away.

"No, it's ok babe, we don't need to wait," Shawn replied, laying on top of me on the couch.

"Get off of me," I said, trying to push him off of me. But he was stronger than I was.

Suddenly, I felt him being pushed off of me, and looked up to see Harry holding Shawn by the shirt.

"When she says stop, then you stop. Got it?" Harry threatened.

""G-got it," Shawn stuttered. Harry dropped him, and Shawn scurried away.

"Are you ok?" Harry asked, turning to me and offering his hand.

"Yeah, I'm fine" I replied, taking it and standing up.

"So what were you doing with that douche bag?" he asked as we walked out of the library.

"I thought that he was a nice guy, but I guess not."


"Hey, could we be friends again? Apparently everyone hates me, and I don't have anyone else to hang out with."

"Yeah, I guess I can just start from scratch," he replied, winking.

"I gotta get back to my place, I'll see you later," I said, blushing as we came to the corner next to my apartment.

"Cool, see you Monday," he said, and we went our separate ways.

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