The Girl Next Door

Rebekah has just moved to England for her dad's military job. What she doesn't know is that she has a famous next door neighboor. When things turn bad, and her dad dies, will Rebekah ever be able to cope? Can Harry help her? Will they be together? Read to find out! (BTW there will be a sequal! I'm working on it now along with other fanfics that will be up soon.)


1. Chapter 1 Moving In

I had to move with my parents to England for my dad’s job. He was in the army and we were constantly moving, but apparently, we were staying here for good since my dad was going to start working in an office instead of on the front lines. I would always worry about him when he had to go because there’s always a chance that he won’t make it back. I was sad about leaving my friends, but I understood why we had to leave New York. We were just now boarding the plane and there were a bunch of screaming girls around. I didn’t exactly know why, maybe someone famous was here. We got on the plane and sat in the middle row while my parents sat on the row next to me. A minute later, a boy with a hood over his head and sunglasses on sat beside me. He looked about my age, with a few brown curls sticking out from a beanie under his hood. He looked over at me and I gave him a small smile, him returning a dimple filled one. “Hello, love.” He said, his deep British accent filling my ears. I had heard that voice before, but I couldn’t place it.

“Hi.” I said taking out my iPod, unraveling the headphones.

“You like One Direction huh?” The boy asked, seeing my case with the One Direction flag on it.

“Oh, yeah.” I said giving a slight chuckle.

“I heard that curly haired one was pretty amazing.”

“Yeah, they all are. They really inspire me.”

“Alright passengers, we’ll be taking off in a few minutes, please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for take-off.” The lady in the front said over the intercom. I put in my headphones and pressed shuffle. I leaned back in the seat and closed my eyes.

I woke up to someone lightly shaking my shoulder. “Love, wake up. We’ve landed.” The boy said.

“Oh, thanks, nice meeting you by the way.” I said sticking out my hand for him to shake. Instead I got brought into a hug. It just felt so right, being in his arms, and I didn’t even know who this guy was.

“You too, love.” He said pulling away and walking off the plane. I grabbed my carry-on and walked off the plane to find my mom and dad waiting at the revolver where all the bags were. I walked over to them.

“Thanks for waking me up guys, you really are great parents.” I said sarcastically.

“Well, that nice boy that was sitting beside you said he would wake you up, so we let him. He looked like he liked you.” My mom stated.

“We didn’t even know each other!” I exclaimed, throwing my hands up. A second later, I was almost trampled by screaming girls running after 5 boys. “What a great way to start my time in London; almost getting killed by a mob of screaming girls.”

“C’mon, let’s go see the new house.” My dad said as we grabbed the last of our bags and headed out the door, calling a taxi. The drive was about 45 minutes long when we finally arrived.

“We thought you might like it.” My mom said with both of my parents smiling at me.

“Well, let’s go! I wanna see my new room!” They laughed at me as I jumped out of the car, grabbed my bags and ran to the front door. I grabbed the door handle and pulled, but it was locked, I bounced up and down as my parents finally made it to the door and my dad unlocked it as slow as he possibly could, just to annoy me. “Dad… c’mon!! You’re killing me!!” He finally opened the door and I bolted up the stairs.

“I call this room!!” I called as I placed my bags on the bed. This room was beautiful. There was a swinging bench out on the balcony facing the woods behind the house and a table. I grabbed my iPod and went out on the balcony, feeling the cool wind blow in my face. I breathed in the cool a London air and sat down, swinging back and forth slightly. I turned on Pandora and the first song that came on was; You’re The Reason, by Victoria Justice. I closed my eyes and started to sing along. This was one of my favorite songs.



I walked into the house immediately being tackled to the floor by my sister and mum. “Hey, I missed you both too, but don’t break me.” I said as we all got up and laughed. Robin walked up and we hugged. “Good to see you Robin.”

“Sorry, we just missed you!” Gemma said.

“I missed you too. It’s really nice to home. I’m gonna go put my stuff in my room; I’ll be back down in a bit.” I walked up the stairs and turned left into my room. I had a balcony that faced the house next to us, also with a view of the woods behind us. I walked out onto the balcony and heard a voice. A beautiful voice. I looked over to the balcony next to me to see the girl from the plane. She was absolutely beautiful and her voice; her voice was mesmerizing.

“Harry!” My mum called from downstairs. “We’re having the new neighbors over for dinner!”

I walked back into my room, still hearing her voice. I closed the balcony door and walked downstairs. “Mum, who are the new neighbors?” I asked as I walked into the kitchen and started to help her cook.

“Oh, the mum’s name is Kara; the dad’s name is Tim; and their daughter’s name is Rebekah.”

“Rebekah; that’s an beautiful name.” I said. It was beautiful; I couldn’t wait to officially meet her.

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