Could This Be the Start of Something Special?

17 year old Leah Gale isn't living the picture perfect life. She isn't popular, her dad abuses her, and she has to leave her home to move to England. But will everything change when she moves? Read to find out!


3. Chapter 3

Zayn's POV:

What is she doing? And why is she blushing? I'm suppose to be the one winning her over, not the dude at a cafe. Wait..why does she have a microphone in her hand?

"Zayn come on. Can you please sing the song you sang to me on the way?" Leah looked at me with puppy dog eyes.

I sighed, "I can't. I mean I have really bad stage fright and I'm not that good. People will hate me."

She rolled her eyes at me, "Please Zayn. You are anything but bad. I'll go up there with you if you want." She smiled.

"I don't know Leah. I can't do it."

She thought for a while, "If you really need me to..I can sing with you. But I'm warning you. I suck at singing."

"Fine I'll do it but I doubt you suck." I took the mic and walked on stage. This is going to be difficult to get through.


Leah's POV:

I walked over to Steve, "Hey can I have another mic please? Zayn is too scared to do it alone but make sure his mic is louder than mine. Thanks" I grabbed the mic from him and walked over to Zayn.

"You ready Zayn?" I asked.

He looked unsure.

"Zayn don't back out. Please. For me?" I gave him more puppy eyes. He sighed and then smiled.

"Hit it." he said to Steve. The music started playing and Zayn opened his mouth to start to sing.



Zayn's POV:

Woah that was awesome!

"Hey Leah. Why did you lie to me?" I said.

She looked confused.

"You told me you couldn't sing. You are really good!" I lightly hugged her. Wow she's perfect!

She giggled, "Thanks Zayn but nobody ever thinks that," she looked to her right, "there's someone who wants to see you Zayn." I looked to her right to see this huge guy in a suit. This doesn't look good.

"Are you Zayn Malik?" The big man asked.

I gulped and nodded. I put my arm around Leah to protect her if anything happened and she snuggled up to me.

"You're coming with me sir."

"Wait why? And can Leah come with me?" I asked

He looked at me like he was annoyed then looked at Leah. He finally opened his mouth, "Fine. The girl can come." He pulled me to the door. He didn't answer my first question. I don't feel safe..I wonder if Leah has her phone with her just for in case.




Oh my gosh. That chapter sucked and I'm sorry about that. I haven't been able to think about what to write lately because I was busy doing a mission trip with my church for a week. I also won't be able to post for like a week and a half because I'm camping in Maine. Please comment and tell me feedback. If you have anything you think should happen in the story please kik me at krazee7.

-Rach xoxo

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