Could This Be the Start of Something Special?

17 year old Leah Gale isn't living the picture perfect life. She isn't popular, her dad abuses her, and she has to leave her home to move to England. But will everything change when she moves? Read to find out!


2. Chapter 2

Zayn's POV:

"Hey mum! They said they'll come over." I yelled to my mum while I was walking upstairs.

She smiled, "Lovely! I can't wait to meet them! Why don't you go downstairs and preheat the oven to 350 for me please. I'm going to make my delicious meat loaf that everyone loves!"

I rolled my eyes and went to the oven. I'm pretty sure everyone hates her meat loaf but they're just too kind to say anything. This night is going to be just lovely..


I heard my mum open the door, "Hello! Welcome to our neighborhood. Come in!"

Many hellos were exchanged before my mum called me downstairs. I walked downstairs after spraying some cologne on for Leah. She's so pretty! I hope something happens between us eventually.

"Here is my son Zayn," she points to Leah, "Zayn meet Leah. She's your age and will be attending school with you. You'll need to show her around school and the neighborhood. Why don't you go show her around town now? We have about 45 minutes until the meat loaf is ready."

"Okay. Come on Leah. First I'll show you to the best cafe ever! It has amazing vanilla frappes, I get them every time."

She smiles, "Okay!"




On the way down to the cafe we had a lovely conversation about our lives. I found out more about her and why she moved here and she found out about my life. I even sang for her. She told me to sign up for the X-factor. Maybe someday I will.


Leah's POV:

"1 vanilla frappe and 1 caramel drizzle latte please." I said to the nice gentleman behind the counter.

"That would be 6.54" He said. I gave him a confused look.

Zayn laughed, "Euros is what we use to pay for things like you guys use dollars. Here I'll pay. Tomorrow I'll bring you somewhere so you can trade your money in for euros."

I blushed embarrassed, "Thanks."

"No problem Leah." He grabbed our drinks and walked away to a table. I started following but turned back around to the man at the counter.

"Hey. I see you guys have a stage over there," I pointed to the far corner, "Do you let people go up on stage and sing? My friend over there is an amazing singer and I want him to go up there."

"Yeah sure. Hold on let me go turn the microphone on. What song will he sing?"

I thought for a little while, "Hmm how about Hey Soul Sister by Train?" That's the song he sang to me on the way to the cafe.

"Okay! Just go get your friend and I'll start the music when he's ready."

"Okay thank you so much umm.." I paused looking for his name tag.

"Steve." He said with a smile.

"Thank you Steve." I blushed and walked away to grab Zayn..

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