Could This Be the Start of Something Special?

17 year old Leah Gale isn't living the picture perfect life. She isn't popular, her dad abuses her, and she has to leave her home to move to England. But will everything change when she moves? Read to find out!


1. Chapter 1

Leah's POV:

"Finally, that was such a long flight!," I sighed in relief. We finally landed after being in a plane for six and a half hours. I didn't want to leave. Nobody cared about what I had to say. I mean who cares that I had to leave my boyfriend behind or that I had to leave behind my best friend that gets abused by her parents. Stupid parents didn't see I needed to stay in Texas. But no, now we're in England. We moved for a stupid job my mom got. How'd people in England find about about her anyway?

"Hey Leah stop daydreaming and get out of the damn car. Help your mother bring boxes inside." My dad gave me the look telling me not to argue or I'm in for a beating when my mom leaves for work. Oh did I mention I get abused too? I can't believe nobody has ever noticed. My mom doesn't even know! I mean how can you miss huge bruises all over my body? I was hoping when we moved the beating would stop but it doesn't look like it will.


I walked inside with three boxes. Oh wow! I'm sweating from carrying boxes, that's sad. I really need to work out more. I reached down to pick up my pugs, Panda and Paige, when the door bell rang.

"I'll get it mom!" I opened the door and froze. Standing in front of me is the most attractive boy I have ever seen. He had a perfect black quiff, perfect chocolate brown eyes, a pierced ear, and he smelled like sum-

"Um.. hello? Helloo?" He snapped in my face trying to get my attention. Wow that was embarrassing!

"Oh hi I'm sorry about that. I was um.. uh looking at those lovely bushes." I said pointing at a bush across the street. Nice going Leah now he'll think you're a freak.

"Oh my bad do you want to come in uhm... I'm sorry what's your name?"

"My name is Zayn. Zayn Malik. I'd love to come in but I can't. My mum just told me to come invite the new neighbors to dinner tonight. So are you in?" He smiled.

I thought for a while, "Well I don't think we have anything going on so that sounds great! I'll see you then." I closed the door with a smile. Oh. My. God. He lives next door? I just might like it here...

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