the vanishing girl

xavier a 15 year old surfer found a girl in the sea but he got stuck and life gards had too go out to save him. he said about the girl but they ignored him.
4 years later and he thinks the girl had died so hasnt gone back in to the sea since.
one day driveing home from work he sees a girl wearing nothing but a rags walking in the middle of the road in the rain at 1 o`clock at night.
it was the girl from 4 years ago.
who is this girl? and what is she?


1. this is me

i am Xavier sands and i am 15 years old.

one thing you should know is that every one in this town is tanned.

fairly tall, tanned and i have brown hair blue eyes also a love for surfing.

well my life is rather normal for a 15 year old friends school and girlfriends well maybe not girlfriends i have never had one.

and i also live right near the beach with my world famous surfing dad and little sister.

my mum passed away 6 years after my sister was born.

i surf to and look after jenny my little sister as my dad is never home he is always of traveling the world and surfing to his hearts content forgetting all about his 13 year old daughter and 15 year old son.

the last time we saw him was...well for five minutes last Christmas when he had to get his things to go away.

we are not always alone aunt Lola my mums sister comes over some times as she hates my dad and loves both me and my sister to bits.

she is a bit odd are aunt she is always telling us story's about witches and fairy's my sister loves her story's i just find them strange.

my mother used to own a flower shop when i was younger but as soon as she died dad didn't bother with it.

but my aunt Lola then started to look after it and turned it into a cafe with a flower shop as well. i help out there every Saturday and week day that i have nothing to do.

jenny helps grow the flowers at weekends and arfter school. its nice in are small town by the sea only an hour away from the city.

well this is me Xavier who lives in a town called howling.

its nice to meet you.



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