Tipping Point.

15 year old Ivy Miller is not like the other kids at school. She lives in a world where being in love with the same sex is classified as normal and being heterosexual is frowned upon. The only problem is she can't deny how that flower boy made her feel. Maybe if she just ignored the feelings she could have lived a normal life like the rest of her family, but it's too late now. They found out, and now there's no turning back...


2. In the beginning.

Some people say you turn out how you were destined. Some people say it's a resort of how you were raised. The problem with that theory is i had the best most normal parents anyone could have asked for. Growing up I was a happy kid. We were really the perfect all american family. 


I was 7 when i realised i wasn't like my family but it was at my uncles wedding i had the first sinking feeling that's i wouldn't grow up to be like them. Like almost every other person in the world. I wouldn't grow up falling in love with the same sex. I'd be the outcast.`Sometimes i wonder if i just ignored how that flower boy made me feel I would have turned out just my mom's. Normal.


Two years later

It was a Tuesday when I  found out something that would change my life forever. He had moved to my school. Ian. The flower boy at my uncles wedding. He was here! I thought I had escaped that feeling the day after the wedding. That was until I saw his face again; the soft slightly fluffy chestnut brown hair slightly falling over his glistening grey eyes. Ian was beautiful. I couldn't deny that and neither could any guy. The intense feelings of butterflies  fluttering in my stomach came flooding back. I froze as soon as I saw him leaning against Abi's locker talking to her and Jonathan. I slowly  wandered over to my locker which was 3 doors down from Abi, whilst I was doing so i saw out of the corner of my eye that Ian was no longer flirting with John. Instead he was watching me. I could feel his eyes follow my every step. My every move. He knew I could feel him staring at me. concocting that half smile that made not just mine but every guy's heart melt.

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