" Dont leave me okay?" He breathed, voice barley audible
" Okay" She whispered back
" Promise?" He pressed his forehead to hers and stared deeply into her eyes.
" I promise" She looked up at him
" You're my everything, I can't lose you" He kissed her mouth.

When I took one look at you I knew there was no turning back.
I fell for you so now I'm yours.


10. Tonight.

I launched myself at him, going above him as his hands travelled all over my body, I felt his warm mouth against my neck, I moaned as he started kissing and sucking on my neck, he flipped over, hovering above me he continued to kiss my neck, trailing down to the top of my breast he looked up at me, I nodded and he kissed the top of my left breast like he had done to my neck, I moaned out again. He came back up, I turned him over so I was straddling him and began to kiss his collarbones.

“ No, no Nina stop”
I looked up at him confused
“ I can’t” He inhaled sharply, pain swept across his face. I frowned; he lifted my chin up and kissed the corner of my mouth, which was the closest thing to a kiss since Mr. Fucking Styles wont even kiss me. I started to get frustrated.
“Baby say something,” He said as he kissed my shoulder
“ Why wont you kiss me”
“I just don’t want you believing what you hear, I don’t want you to think I’m just using you, I want you to be comfortable with me. I want something real with you”
Oh wow
“ You have no idea how hard it is for me not to kiss you, I want to very badly and what just happened” he smiled then continued “ It took me everything I had not to continue what was going on”

I gave him a weary smile
“ We should get back to the boys” I held out my hand and he intertwined his fingers with mine. I noticed the mark on Harry’s collarbone that I made and I glanced in the mirror at all my marks. I glanced up at Harry who just kissed the top of my head and moved me out of the door.

“ Nice marks” Niall was the first to notice the reddish purple bruise like circles plastered all over my neck, Harry started chuckling as all the boys shot us surprised looks. Eleanor and Danielle had made their way over and ran up to me screaming and jumping and giggling.

“ So is it official?” Eleanor asked hyperactively
“ Our first date is tonight el” Harry replied, eyes wide.
“ I should go get ready, I said glancing at the clock” Harry nodded and kissed my cheek and El and Dani rushed me back into my room.

“ Did you guys..” Dani looked nervous.
“ NO! Styles wont even kiss me”
“ Why? You’re all he talks about at the hotel,” El added
I started to get butterflies as El and Dani told me how I had completely won over Harry.
El finished straightening my hair so it fell silkily down to the middle of my rib cage, like a black water fountain. I put on my dress, a casual black tight, long sleeve dress that went past the middle of my thigh but above my knee. It was simple cotton and black with a straight cut at the top, revealing my shoulders. Notes Comment guys ! let me know what you think :) It would be very helpful.
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