" Dont leave me okay?" He breathed, voice barley audible
" Okay" She whispered back
" Promise?" He pressed his forehead to hers and stared deeply into her eyes.
" I promise" She looked up at him
" You're my everything, I can't lose you" He kissed her mouth.

When I took one look at you I knew there was no turning back.
I fell for you so now I'm yours.


1. The green eyed boy<3

I feel two hands tug at my hips before pulling me back into a warm chest; I smile knowing where I am, in the arms of my wonderful boyfriend. I stifle a giggle as Tom kisses my jaw, it’s mid morning out, but the curtains on my windows seal the darkness in the room making it seem like the middle of the night. I feel another kiss, this time followed by a couple more kisses trailing down my neck to my collarbone, I let a small moan out and with that I feel his hips pressure into me, he flips me over and under him, I feel the weight of his lower body crush into mine, viscously his lips attack mine, his tongue pushing my lips apart begging for entrance. I feel his hands travel greedily all over my body. Knock Knock

“Time to wake up love birds” I hear my roommate Tia call from the hallway. I groan in frustration due to her horrible timing, Tom starts laughing clearly amused by my anger. He kisses my lips quick and softly knowing doing anything more might lead to other mischief. I get out of bed, I have work in twenty minutes, fuck I’m going to be late. I swiftly grab my bra and clothes and head to the bathroom, I glance in the mirror; jeez I don’t look so good, my black curly hair hangs in waves down to the middle of my rib cage, my blue eyes look too blue and I have marks all over the left side of my neck, the works of Tom for sure I smile and roll my eyes at the thought of him. I strip my oversized tee and boy shorts off and hop into the warm water being produced from the shower.


I rushed to put on my favorite leggings and a quick long sleeve baggy light pink top, the one that cuts off just after your belly button, my favorite shirt by far. Fuck, I mentally cursed at myself looking at the clock in my iPhone I’m so late. I rush down stairs, “ Hey Nina, morning beautiful” I hear Tom say as he wraps his arms around my waist, I kiss his cheek quickly and unravel myself from his hold. “ LATERS BABY” I said as I practically ran out the door.

As soon as I left my apartment I saw the streets plastered with One Direction posters, who are these guys? I feel like I’m the only person who’s never heard their music, I don’t even think I’d be able to recognize them If I saw them.

I head off to the gallery walking at a fast pace, I plug in my headphones and place them on my head playing “ho hey” by The Lumineers. I was about to sing along when I was pushed to the hard concrete floor. I look up glaring at who ever ran into me when I see a miraculous pair of green eyes staring at me; I quickly broke the gaze when I realized my hand was bleeding.
“ Oh dear, I’m so sorry” the boy spoke as four other boys crowed around him. They boy held out his hand, I grabbed it and he pulled me to my feel.
“ I’m fine thank you” I said when I was again on my feet; it wasn’t then till I realized my hand was still in his. I blushed nervously and took my hand away. The boys were all staring at me like I might knife them at any moment.
“ Are you sure you’re okay?” The blonde boy behind the green-eyed boy said like I was going to send them a lawsuit if I wasn’t.
“ Yeah! Just a little scrap, I’ll survive” I responded, how awkward is this, who are these guys? I tried to walk forward assuming this conversation was over but the green eyed boy was in the way staring at me intensively.
“ I’m Harry,” He said as if I was supposed to know that.
“ Um Hi, I’m Nina” I held out my hand to shake his, he looked at me quizzically before shaking my hand.
“ This Is Louis” A dark haired boy flashed me a sweet smile
“ Liam” Another boy waved
“ Niall” The blonde haired boy came over and gave me a high five, what a cutie.
“ And Zayn”
“ Vas happening” Zayn replied.
“ Nice to meet you all, But I have to go, I’m late for work” at least 30 minutes late now that I’ve been stopped by these five boys, I’m not going to lie I’m a little pissed off, who do they think they are.

“ Oh my apology, catch you later?” Harry said gleaming at me, I couldn’t help but notice the excitement in his voice and I wasn’t the only one to catch it, the four boys were laughing and muttering behind him.
“ Come on Haz” Zayn put a hand on Harrys shoulder.
“ Bye” I smiled at them all sweetly and walked off knowing their eyes were following me as I past them.


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