" Dont leave me okay?" He breathed, voice barley audible
" Okay" She whispered back
" Promise?" He pressed his forehead to hers and stared deeply into her eyes.
" I promise" She looked up at him
" You're my everything, I can't lose you" He kissed her mouth.

When I took one look at you I knew there was no turning back.
I fell for you so now I'm yours.


6. He Was Worried


We had all downed at least 6 beers each, and Tia began to bring out the hard liquor, I laughed as she did a dive across Niall Louis and Liam. “ You girls are my favorite people in New York” Dani and Eleanor screamed as they started playing “What Makes you Beautiful” and proceeded dance on the table, Perrie left not too long ago due to a Little Mix signing in the morning.
“ SHHOOOOTTTSS” Tia hissed at me “ lets show them our signature!” Tia was so drunk she sloppily walked around to me handing me a shot with her shaky hand. I was planted beside Harry on the couch, his arm was draped around my shoulders, I didn’t mind, he wasn’t drunk like me or Tia was, and he was watching me intensively.
“ How much have you drank, love?” He asked me, I looked into his big green eyes, and I could tell he was worried about me. Why though? I had the shot in mid air before I said, “ I don’t knowww” I was slurring my words so much and I didn’t even realize how drunk I actually was. I looked at the shot and back at Harry and then handed the shot over to Liam who happily accepted. Harry kissed my cheek, like he had been doing all nigh clearly happy with my decision.
“I AM THE MASTER OF NEW YORK” I heard Louis yell from the balcony.
I walked out onto the balcony, leaving Harry I turned back to see the sad look on his face.
“ Loouiisss” I slurred again.
“ Come inssiiide its cocold” he looked at me before charging inside straight to Eleanor, and practically eating her face I saw him pick her up into the straddling position and head for Toms old room. Oh god, I thought to myself. Dani pouted seeing Eleanor leave, “ NIIIINNNAAA OOONIIINAA” She came over to me singing, “ Nina come dance with me” the room started spinning and before I knew it she pulled me up to my feet and started grinding with me. “ liaaaaam take heerrrr” I laughed at him as he got up and brought Dani to the spare couch and cuddled with her. It seems the party was dying down, I yawned and stretched my back. I sat back down on the couch beside Harry he grinned and kissed my nose I smiled big, blushing at the feeling of his lips on my skin. I started to drift off and I felt my head lean to meet a shoulder.

I awoke to vibrations coming from my phone. I glanced up to see me and Harry had fallen into the cuddling position on the couch, his arms tight around my waist, his legs intertwined with mine and his head buried into my neck and hair. I grabbed my phone off the night stand which was in arms reach and saw the lock screen read 10 missed calls and 8 missed texts all from Tom. I saw the clock It was 3:30, everyone seemed to be passed out, Dani and Liam on the couch across from Harry and I, Tia Zayn and Niall looks to have made a fort out of the kitchen table and all the blankets and pillows from the rooms and were past out under that, Louis and Eleanor we’re still in Toms old room I assume. I read the texts he sent me and tears started to arise, I could cry into Harry while he was sleeping, how creepy would that be. I tried to get out of his hold but it only caused him to tighten his grip. Eventually I slipped out, I looked back at him, his eyes still closed but he was moving his arms and hands around the area I was laying in as if he was looking for something.

I walked to my room shut the door quietly and slid down the wall beside my door once again, like I had done earlier. I started sobbing quietly when I heard the door open.

“ Nina” I was greeted with Eleanor and Danielle’s comforting voice. I looked up and smiled weakly at them
“ What’s wrong” They looked extremely concerned so I didn’t hold back and told them everything.

Their eyes were shocked when I finished.

“ THAT ASSHOLE,” Eleanor said with disgust
“ Are you okay babe” Dani gave me a comforting hug as more tears poured out of my eyes
“ I’ll be fine,” I said while wiping my nose on the back of my sleeve. It took me a moment to realize that I don’t want to stay in here crying over someone who isn’t important; I’d rather be cuddling Harry. He makes me forget about Tom, I’m just scared to do that so soon. It’s too soon to be thinking about Harry. Tom and I just broke up less than 24 hours ago.

I hugged both of the girls
“ Lets have a girls day tomorrow!” Dani suggested
“ Yes please” I said smiling up at both of them.

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