" Dont leave me okay?" He breathed, voice barley audible
" Okay" She whispered back
" Promise?" He pressed his forehead to hers and stared deeply into her eyes.
" I promise" She looked up at him
" You're my everything, I can't lose you" He kissed her mouth.

When I took one look at you I knew there was no turning back.
I fell for you so now I'm yours.


9. Feelings :):

I pace back and forth in my apartment alone, Tia left, the boys were at a fan thing and I couldn’t get a hold of any of the girls. I sighed in frustration as I flopped onto the couch.

I heard the front door being opened; I got up quickly scared, thinking who could have a key besides Tia and I. I walk over to the entrance.

“ What the fuck do you want” I hissed at Tom through clenched teeth he threw his hands up in defense.
“ I just wanted to talk to you alone” he said, his eyes wandering around the apartment making sure Tia wasn’t going to hop out at any moment.
“ I don’t want to talk to you just leave” I said turning away, I heard his feet approach me I was about to turn around and start yelling at him when he forced his mouth onto mine. I tried to back away but he had me against a wall, his mouth greedily claiming mine, I tried to get him off me but he was allot bigger than I was, I was only maybe 116 pounds and I was more than a foot shorter than Tom. I felt his hands make his way to my back holding me in place. I fidgeted and yelped out hoping he’d stop. He took his mouth off mine I tried again to push him away but he was too strong.
“ Get the fuck off me”
He just laughed at me and grabbed my hands when I tried to hit him, I felt his boner crush into my hipbone.
“ NO GET OFF ME,” I started screaming at the top of my lungs, I was fidgeting out of control but he wouldn’t get off.

“I do believe the lady said get off” I heard Harrys voice behind Tom and then Tom released me and I fell to the floor, shocked at what had just happened.
“ What are you going to do about it pretty boy?” Tom approached Harry; Harry was taller than Tom and more built than him as well.

“ He’s not going to do anything lad, but we all will” I saw Louis flash him the dirtiest look as he took his place next to Harry, all the boys came up and Tom knew that five to one would never turn out well. He turned around and mouthed
“ You dumb bitch” to me and walked out of the room.

Harry and the rest of the boys ran over to me, I quickly jumped up and hugged Harry as hard as I could, he pulled me the rest of the way off the ground and nuzzled his head in the crook of my neck. I could see the expression on the rest of the boy’s faces they looked worried. Harry held onto my waist as I let go from the hug.

“ Are you okay?” Liam stared me up and down checking for injuries. I nodded, not knowing if I would cry when I spoke.
“ If he ever comes near you again call us” Louis said in the most serious tone I’ve ever heard from him. I smiled at all of them and looked back up to Harry, he was so pissed, his face hard, his mouth pressed into a straight line, his eyebrows furrowed.

“ What are you guys doing here?”
“ Our fan meet ended early, we thought we’d stop by” Niall explained
“ Good thing we did or you would’ve gotten hurt” Zayn said, anger across his face as well.

“Thank you” I hugged each and turned to Harry who led me into my bedroom.

He sat on the bed and put his head in his hands.
“Hi” I said nervously
“If that fucker ever comes near you again I swear to god I’ll tear him apart” Harry said without making eye contact, I could see his eyes start to glisten. I walked over and sat on his lap, running my hands through his curly hair.
“ Its okay, you’re here now and I’m fine” I smiled at him
“ Its not about that, it’s how I felt when I saw you against the wall screaming with him on top of you. Nina I was so mad and jealous and I just wanted him away from you and I never want him near you again. It makes me mad knowing he’s had you for so long and I’ve only just met you, you give me all these feelings I’ve never had with any other girl, and I don’t know what to do with them, I want to be with you all the time and when I leave I miss you with in 5 minutes, I wanna protect you and keep you safe and I never want to see you hurt” he stared at me intensively, Harry Styles actually has feelings for me. Notes Leave me a comment guys ! let me know what you think :)
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