" Dont leave me okay?" He breathed, voice barley audible
" Okay" She whispered back
" Promise?" He pressed his forehead to hers and stared deeply into her eyes.
" I promise" She looked up at him
" You're my everything, I can't lose you" He kissed her mouth.

When I took one look at you I knew there was no turning back.
I fell for you so now I'm yours.


5. Babe :*

I heard shuffling and talking as the door opened, I heard all the boys yell “ HEYY” In their adorable accents, I also heard three small girl voices introduce themselves.
“ Where’s Nina?” I heard Harry ask nervously.
“ Um She’s taking a shower” Tia replied fast, Tia’s not a good liar and the boys defiantly aren’t going to believe that.
“ But erm I don’t hear the shower” Niall spoke up
“ Yes but perhaps it is a magical shower Nialler” Louis sarcastically replied
“ Is she okay?” Harry asked, worriedness hinted in his voice.
“Is she sleeping?” Liam asked
“ Vas happening here !?” I could tell that was Zayn.

Poor Tia, she probably doesn’t know what to say, I don’t want them to know about Tom, I just met them and I don’t want them thinking I’m crazy. I hopped out of bed, walked over to my vanity and attempted to make my self look presentable. My face was a mess, my blue eyes were red, my face was all puffy, I grabbed some make up and dabbled it on, and I was progressively looking better. I tried to smile at myself in the mirror, that only caused tears to build up in my eyes. I quickly blinked them away, threw a new shirt on and left my room.

I walked out to see them all in the living room playing Scrabble. Tia flashed me a concerned look. I approached the couch as Louis was yelling at Liam.
“ LIAM PAYNE TEDDS IS NOT A WORD” I couldn’t help but laugh and they all looked up at me, “NINA!” Niall shouted with his Irish accent I did a small curtsy jokingly “ Yes yes don’t fear I am here” I laughed at them all, since they all looked so happy to see me. “ Hey that rhymed!” Louis pointed out, I smiled at him.
“ Good Timing, Harry needs a partner!” I glanced over to the green-eyed boy smiling big at me.
“ Partners it is” I smiled small back, careful not to refresh my tears. I noticed three Girls sitting beside Tia.
“ Hi, I’m Nina” I held out my hand to them
“ Danielle but you can call me Dani” she smiled so sweetly at me
“ Eleanor” she seemed like such a sweetheart
“ Perrie” the blonde spoke up to me while grinning from ear to ear.
“ Those are Liam, Louis, and Zayns girlfriends,” Niall whispered to me sarcastically making sure the rest of the group could hear us. I smiled at Niall and turned around to the kitchen.
“ Does anyone want a drink?” I asked loudly
“ DEPENDS ON WHAT KIND OF DRINK” Louis yelled back suspiciously. I grinned into the fridge as I saw Toms 40 pack of Budweiser’s staring at me. I tried to lift them up, fuck they were heavy I put all my strength into getting them on the table. Everyone saw the drinks and started cheering. I saw Harrys figure walking towards me from the corner of my eye, I looked up; he was staring at me passionately.

“ Need help love?” he asked while winking at me. His damn accent gets me every time and for a moment I forgot about Tom completely.
“ S-sure” I said nervously, he sensed my nervousness and swooped me into a big hug lifting me off the floor and spinning me around. He put me back on the floor, scared as to how I would react. I propped up on my tippy toes and planted a kiss on his cheek. It took him a moment, but he gleamed down smiling, a smile that met all the way to his wonderful eyes. He grabbed a couple beers, “ Lets get back to the party babe”

Harry Styles called me  babe. Notes Let me know what you think !
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