When life gives you lemons

A bit about what I'm up to on my Saturdays


1. Make lemonade. And then sell it!

So last saturday and this saturday too I have been helping teenagers in the Camden area of London make lemonade!


The experience is a whole load of fun and the aim of it is to teach teenagers how to run their own business and have some fun in the process. So far we've run two workshops where they test recipes, plan costs and pricing and auction for sites around London. 


The exciting bit comes next. Next saturday we will be selling the lemonade at various stalls around London and the excitement by the kids is infectious enough that I want to start selling RIGHT NOW.


Ok so the point of this was not to bore you with my stories about lemonade but to ask what you think of this programme. Would you like it to be run in your town/city too? Ages for participants are 11-16 and volunteers 18+. It's a charity run event and if you make a loss no problem and if you make a profit you get to keep it.


So that's just a little update from me and why I haven't read anyone's Movella yet but I'll get round to it soon!


Hope you are having a lovely day,


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