Dare To Dream

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

The idea I had was to leave the last chapter with an ellipse (...) so the reader could make their own ending because I wish I could do that with books I read. So I generally never read the last chapter and make up my own ending which is a much better, rather than being disappointed when the guy gets the girl instead of a dragon coming and eating everyone. Totally better :) so anyways enjoy the beginning and middle but then the end is up to you...

Just a heads up I am really bad at writing stories and I can tell that this one I shocking! so I apologise guys


4. The accident

Henry exited his building and started down the street. No matter what he could only think about the little boy from his dream and how he couldn't save him. The zebra crossing lights were on red but Henry, who was too busy thinking about his dream carried on walking. Cars screeched, horns beeped and people started to scream. Next thing henry knew was the white ceiling of his hospital room. A man dressed in scrubs had his back to Henry, he was watching the news "News at 10. A Un-identified boy has been killed when he failed to stop at red lights. Police are unable to find any relatives or connection to this boy. Police are puzzled for the first time in years" The news lady was saying.

"Err, Excuse me?" Henry said pulling himself up into a sitting position. The man in scrubs turned around and smiled at him "hello Mr Kaftan. I'm Paul Fredrickson you're doctor and personal advice giver"

"Advice Giver? Why would I need advice?"

"I don't know but we give the first timers an advice giver just in case they need someone to talk to. Gets pretty lonely here, my family are all back there"

"All back where? First timer? what do you mean?"

"You really don't know do you?"

"KNOW WHAT?" Henry was getting a little bit scared now. What could this guy mean?

"Dude, you're dead!"

"I'm WHAT! No no I think you have the wrong guy, if I was dead I wouldn't be talking"

"Oh you don't understand, we all dead here, Im dead, you're dead that's why we're here. Cause we're dead"

"I cant be dead. There must be a mistake."

"God doesn't just bring people here when they're alive. So how did you die?"

"I don't know?"

"What like no memories or anything?"

"All I remember is going to work. I was thinking abut a dream and then i ended up here. Ugh I just want to go home!" Suddenly his surroundings became foggy but he  could see Mr Fredrickson perfectly clear, then in the instant that the fog had appeared it had vanished leaving Henry and Mr Fredrickson in Henry's flat.

"Whoa how did we do that?"

"I can control my dreams."

"You're not in a dream. You're dead" they stood in silent for the next few moments then the bell rang. Henry went over and opened the door. A tall dark man stood there his hands behind his back. He wore a top hat and a monocle. "Err Hello Mr Kaftan is it?"

"Yes that's me" Henry said confused

"I am also Mr Kaftan you're father. I am here because I need to tell you something"

"What, wait my father? My father died years ago"

"121 years ago, I am you're father Henry"

"121 but that would make me 140 years old."

"Precisely. Now it's rather rude to converse on a top step so how about inviting me inside?"

"Um yeah sorry, come in." What this guy couldn't be my father? henry thought as he re shut the door behind the man who had now sat down on the sofa

"Now. I am aware that for the past 121 years you have been studying with the san master on how to control your 'dreams' is this correct?"

"Yes that's right but how are you my father?"

"You are what we call a Mara. It means dreamer. Your reality and dream state have been swapped, the dream state in which you try to control things but fail is your reality which you have not yet learnt to control. Your reality is all but a dream. You have the ability to control your 'dreams' and make what you want happen. You studdyed with the Sen Masters to learn to strengthen these powers "

"You're crazy!" Henry said starting to freak out "I'm not dead and I'm not a Marsa or whatever you said!"

"Henry look I know it's a lot to process right now but everything's going to be okay you've got me" Paul said trying to calm him down

"No you're all just too freaky" Henry said grabbing his jacket and leaving the apartment. He ran down stairs and carried on running. He didn't know where he was going. All he knew was that he had to keep running. He bumped into a lady with a pram, as he bumped into her she went flying and with it the pram the pram and the baby flew into the middle of the road and towards the on coming crowd. Henry gasped and directed his hands towards the pram. The pram and baby froze henry's eyes grew wide. He had just stopped them with his mind then he mimed pulling a rope in and the pram and baby came closer to him. "How the hell did I just do that?"

"You did it with your powers Henry" His dad said appearing next to me. Henry tutted and rolled his eyes.

"Why are you following me?" Henry said as he turned away from his father and began to walk to down the street again.

"I'm not, you thought about getting some answers and then you summand me. You used your powers. This is what you born with and have been learning to harness for the past century"

"I'm 19 years old!"

"140. Time moved a lot slower for you when you reached the Sen palace. You learnt to slow time down in your head when it was speeding past all around you"

"Fine so if we agree I'm 140 HOW THE HELL DID I JUST SAVE THAT BABY!?"

"Because henry as I explained before you have been taught how to control you're reality which for any normal person is a dream. This, be it Heaven or whatever you want to call it is your reality now. You are controlling it with the powers you were born with, Don't be afraid Henry everything will be okay..."

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